Aragaki Yui’s new Mitsuya-Cider CM to be on-air later today!




(Japanese source: here) Aragaki Yui! Did you know she was from Okinawa? Like Namie Amuro, and tonnes of other idols. (Orange Range.. and who else ah? *racks brains* ) ANYWAY the above photos were taken off the old CM I think, but I’m a bit confused, I don’t think it can be the new one if it’s only going to be on air today. Found a slide show of photos from youtube, regarding the press release yesterday. Here’s one of them:


Back to the article. It says that this CM is a 125th Commemoration CM, and the title of the article actually says “Life-Sized” home-coming girl in CM. (Am a bit blur as to why also) Yui also says that whenever she goes back to Okinawa she will definitely meet up with her friends, and that if she could she would take a car and go wherever she wanted to go.   


One Response to “Aragaki Yui’s new Mitsuya-Cider CM to be on-air later today!”

  1. 1 phat

    eh? Yui is from okinawa like namie amuro? That’s something she should be proud of. Not too many people from okinawa are famous before namie amuro debut. I thought she was from tokyo. She looks like a city girl.

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