Is Kudo Shizuka pregnant again?


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) **the photo on the left is just an old photo of the couple from a long time back, and has no immediate connection with this present report** Haha

Kudo Shizuka was spotted at the gynecology department of a Tokyo hospital on 8th May, sparking rumours of her being pregnant with a third child and also of KimuTaku’s persistence and deep desire to have a son.

A pregnant woman at the site of the incident described what she saw , ” In the midst of a sea of big-bellied pregnant obasans was an extremely slim woman with long chestnut-coloured hair… and then I realized it was Kudo Shizuka!”

The hospital at which she was spotted was also the same one where his two daughters were born. KimuTaku has mentioned before that he wants a lot of kids, but that he was already very grateful to his wife for giving him two girls. However, when he sees father and son playing catchball in the park, he would think, aaa, I want to play catchball with my kids!

Like okay, girls play catchball too!!! T_T why don’t you try playing with them!? Lastly, this is also the same hospital where Yamaguchi Momoe, Matsushima Nanako and Hirosue Ryoko gave birth.

19 Responses to “Is Kudo Shizuka pregnant again?”

  1. 1 upper east sider

    whoa. that pic sure does NOT confirm that kudo’s preggers. kimutaku looks kinda distant and disappointed. even kudo, too, they sure don’t look like a happy couple! i mean, shouldn’t a husband show at least a little affectionate gesture of protection towards his pregnant wife? then again, i might have been watching too many sappy dramas. lol.

  2. 2 zinaaa

    HAHHAHA if that was true.. all my sister hope for getting married to KimuTaku is thrown out of the window… three years ago when she read about the rume of KimuTaku getting divorce from Shizuka … she was jumping all over the room saying that this is her chance to have KimuTaku baby… well she is now in india i can’t call to tell her the sad news for her…. hahahahah maybe i will 😉

  3. to upper east sider: haha sorry sorry the photo has nothing to do with the pregnancy news, just an old photo of the couple!!!

    to zinaaa: lol and don’t we all hate shizuka kudo some way or another grrrr

  4. 4 lisa

    LOL AT UES!!!!! hhahahahha anyway i saw your comment on my blog, i havent replied yet \(o^_^o)/ and lol actually i wish i could see a pic of takukimus whole family, that would be really cute.

    AND CATCHBALL!?!?!?! girls can play catchball what. and they play it pretty hardcore too….. *hint hint hint hint obviously*

    i could go be his kid. make him happy too.

  5. did u get my happy birthday SMS?!?!?!?!?

  6. 6 upper east sider

    haha i thought that pic was part of the article. and yeah, i heard a lot of hardcore fangirls committed suicide when kimutaku got married? is that true? or is that just a metaphorical “suicide,” like those types of fangirls whose heart “died” and say they’ll never be the same again because their idol got married? lolol. if that were true… whoa. those are really “die-hard” fans, huh? dang.

  7. haha i heard shizuka kudo still gets death threats and dangerous mail from kimutaku fans!!! jap fans are extreme man haha.. anyway my bad about the pic. ive edited the post with a caution haha ^_^

  8. 8 last words

    Three kids already?!! Wow. I heard that KimuTaku is quite a traditional conservative guy when it comes to fatherhood…hmm? I don’t know. I hate to say it, but I kind of thought their relationship only prolonged because Shizuka got pregnant. They might either be persistant in making their personal life and intimacy private (for the sake of Shizuka and the kids safety) OR he’s really not into her. I agree with upper east sider: since they got together, they have appeared distance..The girl looks like she wants attention and affection! And I get this feeling that KimuTaku has this superior wannabe bachelor aura to him that I dislike. Well it’s no big deal that he got married cause I never found him to be attractive…heheh well I guess I must prepare my will for offending KimuTaku fans. GoodBye. >=)

  9. 9 lisa

    OMG LAST WORDS, YOU DIE!!! I AM A KIMUTAKU FAN!!!! hahhahahaha ok jk jk jk 8D but i can totally understand if those hardcore fans dieded, i mean if dbsk got married i would burn myself and become emo or something… the whole TAESU thing is damn annoying too, only because i believe it hehehehe but…. understand a fangirls heart! lollol lol and choon what happened to your big bang dreams huHHH?!?! hahahhaa iiiiyaaaa but i would like to think that kimutaku’s is a happy marriage. :> i hope so….

  10. I still love g-dragon but before i knew g-dragon i was watching kimutaku doramas!!! he’s the prince of the 90s…. maaaan. have you even watched his doramas you kiddo??? Love Generation, Hero, Long Vacation… HIGHLY RECOMMEndED!~!!!

  11. 11 upper east sider

    lolol at you lisa! talk about having the hots for dbsk! you will literally BURN!!! or maybe you already did after seeing that cm with those girls i-dont-even-know-their-name! hahaha! and to superoldgranny, i’ve also watched long vacation!! hotness peak in kimutaku’s career imho. but his latest drama is a flop against gokusen??? hmmm… well, he’s not getting any younger! anyway, add me up in LJ!! icecapades@LJ

  12. ues: THIS IS LISA 😀 i feel like fungi having taken over choon’s account actually!! i had aLot of nerves while typing my first post so you must support me ok!!!! hahahha LOL YA I WATCHED THE STUPID SM i was like wtffff at tiffany SERIOUSLY AND THE YOONA GIRL AND THE JESSICA ONE AS WELL I DISLIKE ALL OF THEM the only ones i am ok with is the hyo yeon girl and tae yeon. i think taesu is pretty cute actually. and about kimutaku…. i watched the first ep of long vacation and love generation and i didnt want to anymore because i didnt like the co star :< but i watched hero though. granny has lj too!!!

  13. 13 nortaku

    Hi! I just found out this blog from my friend and i might as well share my insight on this…
    Well, Kimura-kun is my ichiban the first time i got to know him is he’s already married and with two kids so i have to know who the lucky girl is, so it’s Shizuka Kudo of course the first thing that come into my mind is why older than him and not that beautiful compared to his screen partners in his doramas, but as time goes by and got to know him better i told myself not to be selfish and the more i respect him as an actor, singer and a true family man and also i have to accept that he’s really a private person especially when it comes to his family well he has the right to do so…for me, because he’s my idol i kinda like his family too especially if the rumors are true that Shizuka is pregnant i’ll be so very very happy it only means that kimura-kun likes a big happy family and i’ll support him for that.Of course i know not everyone will agree with me but this only my own thoughts and feelings.

  14. 14 ingga

    shizuka kudo better not let me see her,im going to kill her!!!nyahaha..but seriously,i read from other blogs and sites that they’re not together?

  15. 15 nortaku

    Ehh? how come there’s a rumor that she’s pregnant if they’re not together that’s weird though…I think those people are just nuisance!! no body or no one can separate this couple neee!!

  16. 16 nerie


  17. 17 ingga

    @nerie–really?well maybe the articles that i have read aren’t true..sorry..and thanks for making it clear to me..

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