Ryoko Hirosue divorces



Boy am I late on this one (and it’s actually because I didn’t recognise her Kanji name while at mainichi.jp for the past few days, HAHA oops) and in any case she’s been under the radar recently anyway. And the ONLY dorama I saw her in was in Long Vacation, where she was KimuTaku’s student.


So yes, she has divorced her fashion designer husband, Takahiro Okazawa. (above) Ryoko Hirosue will have two big movie projects – Okuribito and GOEMON – this Autumn.

(Japanese source: here /English source: here)

3 Responses to “Ryoko Hirosue divorces”

  1. 1 DotDotDot

    WHHHAT SHe got married!! I always think of her as an innocent child who will never be tainted by the hands of a man. Hahahahah. Oh, my children are growing up so fast. I’m still in shock that Utada Hikaru got married and divorced to a much older man.

  2. 2 cpu

    @DotDotDot, you and I living in the past…….

    so, if she divorce, there might be a chance to become her husband….:D

  3. 3 Me

    She’s ugly and needs braces as many Japanese actresses do.

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