Preview of Isshin Inudou’s new film “Gou-Gou Datte Neko Dearu”


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/English online news source: Tokyograph)

My Korean teacher’s favourite Japanese actor is Tsumabuki Satoshi, and she was the one who recommended me to watch “Joze to tora to sakana tachi”, which iss one of those good, real films without the saccharine-sappy hollywoodish endings. (highly recommended by your lone reporter at MFGB!) It was directed by Isshin Inudou also, and the preview of his new film, “Gou-Gou Datte Neko Dearu” was held today.

It stars Koizumi Kyoko as the main character (the first lead role she has had in 2 years, but oh well in being Kame’s lover she’s been pretty much the lead role for many a fan-blog + tabloid) and she plays a manga-ka. I will copy and paste the Tokyograph mightily-mini-synopsis of the movie below. Beside her are Ueno Juri and Kase Ryo. more pictures below too.


(Actually am feeling quite fond of Koizumi Kyoko. Part of me wants her to get back with Kame. Don’t kill me Kame fans.)

Love her hair!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ and guess whose forehead is Ueno-san partly obscuring… haha

(Tokyograph synopsis) Isshin Inudo‘s “Gou-Gou Datte Neko Dearu” is scheduled to open in theaters next fall. The movie, which is based on Yumiko Oshima’s manga of the same name, stars Kyoko Koizumi in her first lead role since the 2005 “Kuchu Teien.” 

Koizumi plays a mangaka who raises a cat named Gou-Gou after her previous cat dies. The film’s cast includes Juri Ueno, Ryo Kase, and the comedy trio Morisanchu.

5 Responses to “Preview of Isshin Inudou’s new film “Gou-Gou Datte Neko Dearu””

  1. 1 pink

    Woah that’s Kyoko Koizumi. I had to do a double take, I thought it was Nagasawa Masami!

  2. 2 niza

    koizumi ehhh? ah well.. she looks gd. 🙂
    oh and speaking of ueno juri, hv u watchd last friends yet? it’s pretty good so far!
    the casts’ characters are so.. diverse. and ryo.. is so hot. lol.

  3. 3 makthemutant

    hey granny i made a post but i think it needs you to approve it.

    feel free to delete it if it interferes with the general thrust of yr blog (as i think it does).

    and like he really gave the 10 pounds. sigh. depressed. not only did i not get 10 pounds, my essay was also shite.

  4. Does short hair suit Mr. Ueno very much?
    It is cute.

  5. however old Kyoko Koizumi may become, she is a youthful and lovely woman — favorite

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