Last Friends: Opening Episode scored high ratings of 13.9%!


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) I want to watch the drama! Love Ueno Juri’s hair by the way, spunky, and since I’m newly into my Kimura Kaela-phase I read some of Kaela in that spunkiness. Haha. In any case, Entame reports that the Mokuyou(Thursday) 10pm slot drama that preceded Last Friends was Tamaki Hiroshi’s Shika Otoko Awo Niyoshi, of which the first episode garnered 13% ratings, but overall average was only 9.92%.

Indeed, this is only the first episode and there are reports of “leaving audiences”, so we shall just have to wait and see how this drama ultimately fares. Entame also commented on the appropriate theme song for the drama – Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru. Each character is also assigned a word, and all 5 words are supposed to reflect the troubles and agonies of people in Japanese society.

Nagasawa Masami — Love

Ueno Juri (aka spunky hair) — Liberation

Nagayama Eita (I remember him from Sapuri; his hair is weird here though) — Agony

Mizukawa Asami (I rmb her from Stand Up!!) — Solitude

and Nishikido Ryo — Contradiction.


9 Responses to “Last Friends: Opening Episode scored high ratings of 13.9%!”

  1. ha ha woww choon u really are crayz over all this Jap and Korean media! how much time exactly do you spend SCOURING THE INTERNET everyday?? O.O
    ha ha and I’m a very faithful visitor of yr page now!:)

  2. yes and you requested for more ayumi news right? haha i don’t really look out for her news particularly.. my sister is a fan though.

    and it’s bad life is very bland. haven’t finished my essay but ended up updating this page. not that i’m thAT crazy over media but rather, i really have nothing to do. HAHA. i watch anime too (NANA is very good! do watch it.) but if i watch too much anime i feel nauseous. physical allergy it seems.

    and its good i feel like keeping this blog sort of keeps me in touch with the world…. gets q lonely here ironically. must be lonely for you guys too. ^_^

    btw you know fatfish is andrew phua right? haha

  3. 3 duldicine

    Last Friends is going to be interesting! Ryo plays really well… ~ Lucky girl, I also want to make out with Ryo-chan 😉
    I enjoy your site, I automatically log on to here and then to see what’s been happening. Keep up the good work!

  4. 4 niza

    very interesting cast, no? ( i actually like ALL of them, hurhur)
    and ueno juri looks fierce! love the hair.

    anyway, i quote
    “and its good i feel like keeping this blog sort of keeps me in touch with the world…. gets q lonely here ironically. must be lonely for you guys too.”

    lol. however did you guess? 😛

  5. to duldicine: thanks so much for your encouragement!!

    to niza: hahaha actually imeant “you guys” as in my group of primary school friends, cos apricotpeach is a good friend from pri schol, and most of them are studying overseas. ^_^ but i guess everybody is lonely in some way. ^_^ and yea man, ueno juri’s hair. i could never look as good as her in that hair.

  6. ha ha no I didn’t know !! where’s andrew now? and LOL to that ^^

    yes we are ALL lonely in some way .. 😦

    well if u could search for more stuff on ayu that’d be good… it’d be news I can understand! he he… I do know that she recently celebrated her 10th anniversary with some concert, and there she received recorded messages from many of her famous fans incl Mao Asada and all. wonder if you can find any news on that?? hee hee !!

  7. do you know her (ayu’s) website? I don’t think I’ve linked it yet.. will search later. Btw do try listening to different songs… will burn you a cd when you’re back in sg. Also, watch NANA — the anime! great for revising your jap too haha

  8. 8 lisa

    oh my ueno juri’s hair is a bit too “fierce”(as nize put it ::>) for me!!! it looks so boyish to the point that i couldnt recognise her at first. reminds me of a gender bender ho ho ho

    i really like eita!!! but i dont like his hair here. ryo looks kinda queer too. (actually i only knew ryo through your blog)

    AND DID YOU GET IT IN THE END??!?!?!? THE RED STRINGS??!??!?! i think ive been reading too much manga but those red strings represent tie you to your soul mate or fate or something i cant remember but so coooool!!!!!!

    the end was all a jumble, so it probably pre empts….

    and i watched the mv without sound, my comp has no sound.

  1. 1 *Last Friends* « japanophile: 2xshi

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