Leah Dizon unveils her own line of wedding dresses, [jeweLeah]


leahdizonwedding.jpg(Japanese sources: here and here) Leah Dizon launched “jeweLeah” yesterday, on 1st April 2008. The japanese articles wrote that Miss Dizon “produced” these wedding dresses, but I’m not entirely sure if she really got down to drawing, designing and hemming them together.

She did however say that the concept for the line of dresses was “cute” and “stylish”, and also denied that she had any plans to marry soon — it was inevitable that the reporters would have to ask her that, I presume.

Reporters also alerted her to the old saying in Japan that if you wear wedding dresses when you’re not getting married you will delay the date of your wedding. To this Leah Dizon replied that she had “never heard of this” saying back in America, so Dai Jou Bu! It’s okay, don’t matter.

When asked what kind of guy she likes, Leah Dizon said “somebody smart and nice”. Below are some more pictures of her (and one in which she actually looks, quite ugly! hiak hiak)


This is the one in which I think she looks un-chio, un-cute, and damn unpretty *sings the TLC song* – if you know it haha


Looking sweet again

*there’s something wrong with the wordpress server so that pictures don’t show! will log back in later to see if it works again. BOO! *

6 Responses to “Leah Dizon unveils her own line of wedding dresses, [jeweLeah]”

  1. 1 storkytruck

    the photos didnt show!!! oh ya today in rgs we had two exchange japanese girls and one of them is REALLY really stereotype shoujo manga girl-ish!!!! she was so cute!!!! she actually reminded me of toda erika when she went on stage. then she had like those side bangs and this bun at the TOP of her head lol it was really *cho-kawaii* *squeals* rofl but really so cute!!! and cho-kawaiiiiiii!!!!! ah they had those japanese schoolgirl/boy bags too i want one!!!!! do you know where i can find it?!?!?!?!?

  2. they’re showing now they’re showing now! and go befriend them and ask them where they buy their bags! I don’t really know what kind of bag you’re talking about im just imagining checker boxes and stuffs… haha buy online!

  3. 3 Sam

    Leah’s incredibly beautiful.
    One bad photo doesn’t really mean anything.
    I’m looking forward to her new album Communication!!!

  4. 4 nadia

    can i see more of your wedding dresses deisgns plz

    thank you,

  5. 5 don

    all 3 of those photos are unbecoming of her.. but hey.

  1. 1 Leah Dizon is married « deviantx

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