Hong Kong Film Awards


Granny here has kindly acquiesced to my addition of gossip to her blog. I know her blog is focused on Japanese/Korean gossip; but as it is, I only know something about Hong Kong entertainment – and I apologise if it bores her loyal audience to tears – so I’m going to blog about the Hong Kong Film Awards, that being the only major event lately (And this will be my first and last post until after my Tripos.) Of course, this is more than a week overdue but I just had to comment, especially after finally finishing my download of the award show and picking up a copy of the London Global Times at the Chinese supermarket (which had a two page splash of the results) and feeling irritated all over again. I’ve left out all the technical awards; because, who cares?

Best Picture:

They say money can buy a good film. I agree. But I don’t agree money can buy heart. Sometimes, when a production is too grand and takes itself too seriously, it lacks any emotional connection.

Best Director:
Peter Chan – Warlords

Ok. Fine. But I remain a Johnnie To admirer.

Best Actor:
Jet Li – Warlords

Jet Li always makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m not saying he did that horrible a job, just that when you look at the rest of the nominees, it’s a bit strange. Sean Lau is greatly talented and has always been (from the time I watched his very fine performance as Fong Jeen Bok as a kid); but since he won last year, it’s expected that he wouldn’t win. Andy Lau – idol, not actor. But he tries. I really like watching Simon Yam, but that was the wrong film to get nominated for. He did a very good job but the role was too easy for him. And last but not least, I’ve never been impressed by Aaron Kwok. He’s not as strong an actor, but maybe it’s because he’s been shaking off his pretty boy image. When a person starts off at -20, you get very impressed when he reaches 50. But it’s not 100. Yet.

Best Actress:
Siqin Gaowa – The Post-modern Life of My Aunt

Didn’t watch this, so no complaints. At least Charlene Choi didn’t win, as respectable as her effort was.

Best Supporting Actor:
Andy Lau – Protege

Andy Lau won because he’s Andy Lau. Usually competent, but normally just posing and nothing earth-shattering. I would like to see Nick Cheung get something for once though.

Best Supporting Actress:
Siu Yam-Yam – The Pye-Dog

Didn’t watch The Pye-Dog, so I have no idea. No idea who she is either and no opinion about the rest of the nominees. No opinion on anything.

Best Newcomer:
Kate Tsui – Eye In The Sky

Well-deserved. Her nuanced and measured performance was the class of the field; some nominees were just there as space-fillers. Especially commendable because some of her TV work is absolutely egregious. She’s one of my favourite Miss Hong Kongs and it’s always a nice feeling when my eye for talent – or otherwise – is vindicated.

Best Original Movie Song:
“Push Too Hard” – Love Is Not All Around
Singer: Kary Ng

I am amused. The song is very pop-style; but then again so was Sammi Cheng’s absolutely lovely 終生美麗 (many) years back. Only problem is, Kary Ng sang out of tune again. Is she trying to compete with Stephy Tang aka 邓走音 who can go out of tune more often?

Best New Director:
Yau Nai-Hoi – Eye In The Sky

Very good movie, and in fact I enjoyed it more than some other big movies of the year. But on a technical level, he betrays his lack of experience with the way the movie started to run out of steam towards the end. The literal ‘eye in the sky’ theme is a bit too much in your face for me. I’m looking forward to seeing more from him.


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