Gokusen 3 down by 1, Change comes out tops!


Kimutaku’s drama has finally placed number one on the ratings chart, taking over Gokusen 3’s spot!


According to the latest ratings on the 24th of May, Gokusen 3 had a viewership of 21.1%, losing to Change’s 23.0%!! Honestly, I dont know why I feel so gleeful.

This was the first time Kimura Takuya had trumphed Nakama Yukie and the media predicts an intense battle ahead.

“Change” had a rough start and although its average rating was over 23%, it still lost by a bit to “Gokusen 3″. But things seems to have changed as the rating of only 21.1% for “Gokusen 3″ was its lowest thus far. Everyone is concerned about whether “Change” will be able to break the 30% barrier.

there was an article posted on MFGB here. Change’s first episode scored 23.8%, as opposed to Gokusen’s 26.4%. but oh well. I hope change rates very high(even though i haven’t watched it!) simply because kimutaku is in it. Yes, I am very biased like that.

Separately, I also reccomend watching Iljimae, Lee junki’s  new drama. The reviews for it were pretty good and even though i havent watched it I will be (prolly later) There is an unbiased article on it here, and if you ask me, it looks pretty impressive! plus, I totally love Lee Junki(hahahhaha) from the king and the clown, which is awesome too ^_^

5 Responses to “Gokusen 3 down by 1, Change comes out tops!”

  1. OMG!! LISA THANKS FOR UPDATING! im now finally in my hostel, but its a bit sabshii here cos im by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAH. but tmr im going to kobe to meet kanakos friend so that should be ooookay. anyway THANKS FOR UPDATING THIS BLOG seriously i hope you like the thing i bought you. thought i need to teach you how to use it. hahaha. sighhhh. sabishiiiiiii never book into a hostel alone. go to a HOTEL. its easier feeling alone when you#re alone, and not when you#re in the midst of a bustling HOSTEL!!!! BLAH

  2. 2 Melanie

    Yes! Kimura deserves this more than recycled Gokusen…

  3. …………huhuhuhuh

  4. 4 Vicki

    let’s go kimura!!!!!!! (sorry yukie nakama)

    ps- i really enjoy this blog =)

  5. 5 fieyz

    i love kimura soooooooo much…….. i think he brought jdorama to the next level…. i always facinated by his act………….. so versatile and has its own class…. very charismatic on the screen……. looking forward to watch this dorama…….. go takuya……….. good job… love hiroshi abe too

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