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  Josei 7 ‘s (女性セブン –> Women 7) 13th March 2008 issue cover: Koizumi Kyoko and Kame break up!

  Who is Kame talking to? (okay very stupid question considering the title of this entry) It’s….. Kuroki Meisa! (wOw!) half-South American, half-Japanese, born in Okinawa. These are screen captures from the jdorama One Pound Gospel (aka 1ポンドの福音 or 1 pound no Fukuin), which has just finished its run on NTV in Japan. It is a dorama about […]

OMG just read this off the net. (I’m about one month late, this was posted in February) Will paste the link below! I think it’s so stressful to be a wardrobe manager!! (but what a cool job though) provided… you don’t get stuff like below!!! Kame and Hero!

It’s cool to look like a girl!! Here’s just some pixel-spamming of the girly-guys we’re all crazy over today!


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