Gummy to take a break!!


(source: osen/trans: krnloop)

Gummy is temporarily stopping activities because of Laryngitis that was due to non-stop promotions since the release of her 4th album in March.

According to YG Entertainment, Gummy’s busy schedule has caused a lot of strain on her larynx and physical well-being, which in turn have also taken their toll on her performances. It may be remembered that when Gummy released her 1st album, she also had a problem with her vocal cord.

As soon as Gummy regains her health, she will be back again to do activities.

Hope she gets better!! I like Gummy pretty much (though i cant say the same for the ft. TOP single) i think its really cute how she and Big Bang boys are pretty good friends (i think/from observation) \(o^_^o)/I dont really listen to any music nowadays since my comp is screwed up, but i heard shes pretty talented, so gummy all the way!!!! \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/. and the name Gummy is like cool. In a weird way…

On the OTHER hand….

Shinee gives out lollipops.(bleh)

(Source& picture: krnloop)

I think by now it has been established that gossip blog officially does not like Shinee. I saw that we got this comment from some dude, and well I just lolled. Someone needs to chill. I wont say anything though, since this is actually granny’s blog. But as you can see from here, Granny dosen’t exactly like them either, as I do not, because of all their really stupid comparisons to DBSK. so technically it isnt their fault, but actually popseoul’s. haha. as stupid as that sounds, it is our own opinion, so, hah.

on to the news!

Yesterday, May 25, about 800 fans, ranging from teenagers to females in their thirties, were present to support Shinee’s debut performance in SBS “Inkigayo,” where SM Entertainment’s new group performed its mini album’s title song called “Noona is So Pretty (Replay).”

After the said performance, Shinee held a fan meeting in a park to show its appreciation for the fans’ support. Shinee members passed, one by one, lollipops to about 800 fans and expressed their gratitude to each one of them.

Sounds more like they’re bribing people to me..ok i shall cut the poor boys some slack. But i really hate the 14 year old dude’s haircut IT IS REALLY GROSS and he is capable of looking so much better so why!!! the only guy i think is decent looking in the group is the second in the photo.

Anyway, I read allkpop’s article on them and it seems that they are garnering a large following. im so…. -_-

But I applaud the boys 800-lollipop-giving-out action, it is so noble. pfft.

Sorry for taking so long to update i went super shopping for the past two days and I’m actually really exhausted. its 2:27 AM back here. So sorry for the quick post!

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