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Hello everyone!! its Lisa here hahaha first I’ll have to apologise for the lack of updates in the past 3 days..Well anyway, Granny dear will be taking a break for a while since she is in JAPAN!!!!! She left yesterday, and had been busy packing, hence not much time to update… So in the meantime, i have been entrusted with the important task of updating while she is away. You must excuse me, because unlike granny, i dont read/speak Arabic/French/German/Spanish/Japanese/Korean fluently. So I’ll have to update based on reports from english sources. Yup.

Anyway some old news:

[SP] takes home 3 awards at the 56th Television Academy Awards (24/4/08)

(english blog source: x/japanese online source: y)

SP, which stands for Security Police, took home 3 awards, one for Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Director. Okada Junichi brought home the award for Best actor.

The winners are as followed

  • Best Drama: SP
  • Best Actor: Okada Junichi / SP
  • Best Actress: Karina / Daisuki!!
  • Best Supporting Actor: Matsuda Ryuhei / Ashita no Kita Yoshio
  • Best Supporting Actress: Takeuchi Yuko / Bara no nai Hanaya
  • Best Scriptwriter: Nojima Shinji / Bara no nai Hanaya
  • Best Director: Motohiro Katsuyuki, Hatano Takafumi, Fujimoto Amane / SP
  • Best Theme song: Zutto Issho sa / Bara no nai Hanaya
  • Special Award: Yagi Yuki / Bara no nai Hanaya

Personally I have never heard of SP, but it looks pretty good. It had an average viewership rating of 15.4%, and the final episode scored 18.9%. So they will be making it into a movie! As quoted from Uwasako: “Okada had this to say about his win: “I was involved in the drama from its planning stages, so I couldn’t be happier. SP is only the beginning. I want to continue doing bigger and better things with this team.”

The SP movie will have Motohiro Katsuyuki, a leading director in action/suspense, taking the reins again. Tsutsumu Shin’ichi and Maki Yoko will be reprising their roles and Kaneshiro Kazuki is once again in charge of the script. With the original team intact, there will certainly be high expectations for this film.”

Idolgravure continued on to talk about Okada’s popularity, and there are talks about how he might be the one who will take over SMAP’s popularity in the future, when they grow really old… His popularity is only second to Arashi among the 20s crowd. Who would you put your stakes on? I think Nagase, Yamapi, and MatsuJun have potential…Granny would surely say NINO. haha.

Anyway, Okada Junichi belongs to the Johnny’s group V6, and is 27 years old. He was also one of the poster boys for AnAn’s special annual love/sex issue, (the one they release on valentines day) Like Yamapi was for this year’s. I think Granny featured a photo from the yamapi’s shoot before.

the first photo is of okada, the second is of okada and nagase together on their [Tiger and dragon] drama poster. You know what I think. I think Okada and Nagase should form a new group and become totally elite and trump everyone. They would. Hahaha

And so, I commence my first post! hope it wasn’t too bad. ^^

5 Responses to “Updates and Old News”

  1. 1 Jen

    Yayyyy~ Matsuda Ryuhei won best supporting actor. I love love love him. He’s such a talented actor and he was really great in Ashita no Kita Yoshio. Hope to see him in more leading roles in the future.

  2. Lisa>> wow actually i dont actually know who matsuda ryuhei is!! will go do some research on him! ^^

  3. 3 superoldgranny

    thats strange… i didn:t leave the comment above O-O \anyway HEELLOOO LISA HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH im now in kyoto at the business hotel where we stayed and am using their computer here! the connection R_OCKS but i didnt bring my photo uploading equipment BOOO


  4. Lisa>> HAHAHAHHAHA HIIIIIIII omg this is so cool i will send you a email!!!!! and your han yu pin yin is wrong its jia you but anyway im commenting from your user cos its a pain to log in and log out…. so i put a lisa in front of everything but i guess people dont understand… haha!!!!

  5. 5 Brendon Fehre


    I am looking to contact the drama writer called Nojima Shinji.

    Does anyone know how I can get in contact with this writer?

    Many Thanks


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