Shinee’s Replay MV reminds me of Big Bang’s Lies’ MV


I can’t decide if I’m being a pedantic and nitpicky fan, but there was a sHORT girl-stalking sequence in Shinee’s Replay MV that TOTALLY reminded me of Lies. First saw their MV at POPSEOUL! but I must disagree with the POPSEOUL! sisters in that, how can Shinee uhm, cause Big Bang, or even DBSK, to MOVE OVEr?!?!?!?!?! Big Bang produces their OWN songs~!! *fangirl preaching* even if it sounds similar to some other songs *mutter mutter* i don’t care, as long as it’s not the freaking SAME song and it sounds NICE. Moreover the genre is different, SM songs are saccharine poppy, Big Bang does more house techno-poppy songs~! Hip Hop, rap, and all that jazz!

Another thing to note is that the girl-stalking sequence happens around the same time in their respective MVs! I just realised that the stills i captured were at 1:09 minutes for Shinee and at 1:10 for Big Bang. Spooky. The MVs are below, you be the judge!!!

Shinee’s Replay (or Noona is Pretty)

Big Bang’s Lies

Also, I thought the V formation at the end of Shinee’s MV was reminiscent of SuperJunior MVs.

To be fair the V formation is ubiquitous and everybody uses it, I think. Last point to make, against Shinee. Check out Shinee’s MV at 3:10 – 3:12 minutes… he looks DAMN GAY! The way he throws his arms up and pulls it down OMG. (I couldn’t get a good screencapture of it …. =( ) And that’s my point!! DBSK + Big Bang are man-lier than Shinee!!! And actually the way Shinee dances is quite GAY too. Which makes sense, since they’re all for Noonas. Like they’re small girly toyboys. (Ha ha) But it’s the Noona rage in town!! First TOP, and then that Kim Ki Bum guy? I think. TOP~!! Well I’m still his Dong Saeng! ^_^ Ahh the transience of youth.

28 Responses to “Shinee’s Replay MV reminds me of Big Bang’s Lies’ MV”

  1. 1 pam

    this post spells only one word.

    and i guess insecurity too.

    you’re being a little too harsh there, baby.
    it’s obvious you’re saying such things ’cause you’re a fan of BB.
    and btw, what’re you trying to say? they copied the idea from BB?
    it’s not like the whole girl-stalking concept originated from them.

    peace out. :]

  2. Haha I didn’t try to HIDE the fact that im a BB fan~! I put there in the very first sentence! And I even admitted that I’m a flawed fan, pedantic, nitpicky. \(^_^)/ but ohwell you’re entitled to your comment *bows*

  3. 3 string.

    Just so you know, I agree with you.

    I cant bring myself to like this group although i’ve always supported sm artistes. Everything from the way they dress to the way they sing, even how their mv is portrayed- i also realised the resemblance to lies when i first watched the full mv- just seems so plagurised. I may not be big bang’s number one fan, but i am a fan, and i wouldnt appreciate them having a style so suspiciously similar to theirs. Also, the reference to dbsk is simply absurd.

    I wish people around me would stop gushing about how they’re ‘loving the boys already’. I cant believe watching TaeYang’s new mv made me feel happier. Grr.

    Sorry for the long comment ><

  4. 4 irees

    DUDE, dude… i saw the same thing, and it freaked me out. as soon as the mv started playing, i’m like, wow… SM did this? not YG? it sounds nothing like SM’s bubblegum pop boy bands. instead, it sounds like something YG would produce. then, the first guy who does the solo… i thought, “dang, is this guy trying to be like g-dragon?” like how he dresses and stuff. but really… these guys aren’t really that good-looking. they look like… BOYS… like YOUNG boys… they are, but… it’s not like seungri, who looks young, but he’s still… i don’t know. i know what you mean when you say SHINee is not veyr manly. then, the serenade to the walking girl! OHMYGOSH! sooooo BIG BANG’s LIES!!! oh well… the song’s catchy, though. i’m just disappointed at the HUGE similarities between big bang and SHINee… and their kindof bad imitations of the former.

  5. to string: YES!!! TaeYang’s new MV really made me smile!!! The Look Only At Me MV hahaha at first when GD came out i was like OMFG! ❤ ❤ Noonas are back in VOGUE~! YEA MAN!!! hahahahaah

  6. 6 naturalhonee

    yesss finally a blogger who’s on the same page as i am…

    i dont know how ppl can deny the similarities between shinee’s m/v and bigbang’s lies & we belong togther. its there for all to see, and some ppl are choosing to ignore them.

    – as you said, the stalking of the girl
    – the guy in the beginning, with his headphones around his neck, the way he walks and acts = GD
    – the outfits!!! the chain around the neck, the baseball jacket = TOP
    the bandana around the neck = GD
    the color coordination of Shinee’s red outfits
    (i know all groups color coordinate, but the way shinee does it is very similar to the way bigbang does it)

    SM definitely has it in for bigbang – shinee’s debut is scheduled on the same day taeyang releases his solo album, and shinee’s debut happens just a month or two before bigbang releases their next album.
    this gives shinee time to gain fans, and potentially lessen the hype for bigbang when they make their comeback

    ps. this is all just my are free to disagree with me

  7. 7 Suzie

    ehh; i love YG and Sm Ent.
    doesn’t bother me. SHINee just debuted you know?
    give them a chance. =)

  8. i totally thought they were aimed at big bang and not dbsk
    why would they compete against their own company
    lol. i think the group is just OK
    although it did copy the big bang stalking the girl bit,
    their style, clothes etc
    i thought the stage they danced in looked like big bang’s with U as well!

  9. LISA: I DONT LIKE SHINEE SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WERE COMPARED WITH DBSK RWOIFS hahahha but actually i think the little kiddo can dance really well. but i hate his hair. its really bad.

    if shinee debuted next year, maybe i would give them a chance. gonna ignore them for now.

  10. 10 HaeHae

    Hey bias idiot,

    First off. Please grow up and stop posting your dumb bias negative site all over popseoul… even if it’s just for more hits (like my comment right now, however, how lucky and fortunate you are that I took my time to write this to your empty and much wanted attention site)
    Firstly if we must talk about comparisons… this is how it goes down.

    Get it? Don’t compare using BB and then DBSK and SUJU…. it’s really sad. Especially when you should realize that BIG BANG = SHIT compared to the godly group DBSK.

    Anyhow, Shinee’s a new group, so as a blogger shouldn’t you be more optimistic and open minded to new groups? I’m gonna laugh so hard when these young boys show you up and get rid of Big Bang’s one time fame.
    BTW I hate one time wonders, like Wonder Girls’ Tell me and Big Bang’s Lies… sure they’re good songs but that’s all that those two groups are known for. I mean who cares about their horrible stage presence or the fact that they can’t sing live. I mean who cares? They got one song on the top chart so now they’re popular, who cares if it’s the only song you listen to and who cares if all of their others songs sound like shit. As long as one song is good, right?

    Shinee’s a one of a kind group. DBSK are their seniors so they probably just look up to them. Who said anything about taking over? Paranoid weirdo. Gay? The boys gay? Gosh you’ve got a lot to learn. Also what if they’re gay (btw for your understanding I’m not saying they’re gay i’m saying who cares) Their clothes are being hand picked by a famous fashion designer and it’s considered very fashionable (ahem not like all those green flashing shoes) Their dancing hits every beat in their song and it’s a different style of dancing it’s a mixture of pop and ballet. Idiot, obviously you didn’t know.

    I’m not saying all this because I’m already head over heels in love with these boys, I’m saying it because someone needs to stand up and say something good about them. Their live debut is awesome and 100x better than Big Bang’s live singing.

    But after expressing myself I’ve come to realize that since you are so closed minded and an idiot you’ll probably just think I’m hating on BIg Bang and ignore all this. You might even reply back to me and try to think of something witty to say. Well whatever. This is the first and last time I’ll ever come to this desperate website.

  11. 11 ----

    I agree with the person above.

  12. 12 \(^.^)/


    Well, first of all I’m a huge DBSK, Big Bang, YG, SM and basically KPOP FAN! (geez, come to think of it i can’t believe i like so many!? haha.)

    Shinee’s pretty good!, actually, especially considering their age and all; the first time I watched their MV i liked the R&B vibe a lot and now (the second time) I TRULY BELIEVE the first guy (sorry!, not sure what his name is yet..) is SUPER CUTE XD <

    yeah, PEACE, okay! 😀

  13. 13 XW_94

    i agree wif de person above! big bang, dbsk, and shinee r all super shuai and talented!!!! 🙂
    it was mean to call this webbie desperate cuz it has a lot of good info for kpop and jpop fans lyk me!!! maybe de person who wrote dis was a bit too harsh on shinee but she realli just said wat she thought, i dun tink it was wrong of her.
    and big bang is not a one-hit wonder onli!! they have many other good songs too like How Gee , Last Farewell , Dirty Cash..etc etc! also if im nt wrong i tink u’re a SM fan, right? dats why u support shinee so much too..
    ^^juz my two cents worth..

  14. 14 pk

    okay, we are all entitled to our opinions. But I mean SHINee is still young, and a baby in the world of entertainment. With such groups like Big Bang, DBSK, Super Junior. Of course they’re going to be bashed for stealing ideas or being nothing like them. And they won’t thats be like them. I believe we’re all entitled to a chance. Yeah I’m a Big Bang lover and a DBSK junkie. But SHINee I believe with more guidiance and growth will be great and live up next to Big Bang and DBSK or even better. Keep in mind, MANY UPON MANY of these ideas of the girl being followed by the boys. Isn’t really copied. I mean have you seen DRAMAS. Even in U.S. the guy is always chases the girl. C’mon. I mean really. I mean SHINee is still learning. They aren’t gay for the way they dress. ” Their clothes are being hand picked by a famous fashion designer and it’s considered very fashionable. ” <— I agree. I can’t wait to see SHINee grow up and become just as great as Big Bang and DBSK. Just watch. They are one of a kind. And maybe SM, wants to start something new. Well SHINee “people receiving the light” Please try to understand. Not to mention they are of one of the youngest to debut. So I bet they are feeling the pressure. Have you seen their interviews. They seem too rehearsed, so yeah I think they are pretty nerovous. Could you do what they do? Just lighten up.

  15. 15 sainaa_1988

    chees hajimemashite

  16. Eu amoo muito muito Biig Bang,Se7en e Shinee ..
    Minhaas três paixões K2~
    SHAHAUSHAUSHUH___wonder girls também é bom ~ *-*
    Beijoo’ ;*

  17. Sou fã de Big Bang,Se7en e Shinee’
    Concordo com o fato de que Shinee é um bebê entre eles,claro ainda eles estão no começo de sua carreira,pelo tempo estaram ao ponto de Big Bang,não digo como eles,mas com bastante sucesso.Também podemos dizer que eles só estão sendo uma febre agora e que depois quem sabe acabe tudo,eu não gostaria que isso acontece-se,mas pode até ser uma realidade.
    Pelo fato de que eles são gays isso é a coisa mais absurda que já ouvi dizer,isso já é preconceito,só porque as ropas são fashion não diga que eles são gays,acho até que eles se vestindo dessa forma eles conquistam ainda mais facil o publico feminino.
    Estou torcendo para que eles tenham sucesso como Big Bang,Se7en entre outros.. porque também tenho um sonho e todos nós temos.
    Qual quer coisa entrem em contado para falar deles e tals ..

    Beijo__ xD~

  18. same here.i think its more of we belong together where shinee was playing basketball same with the near ending part of we belong together and also lalala even their outfits and hairstyle which was first seen to g-dragon`s “bang” style…im not bias its just true.if shinee could create their own style then maybe people wouldnt see them as other group but shinee.

  19. 19 pauline

    i luv korean music so much…………….tae min saranghaeyo….u-know,max ,xiah,se7en,rain,ss501,tablo,yeesung,kibum,kyuhyun,hankyung,donghae FIGHTING………..

  20. 20 Doodle

    Lol, you’re saying this editor is bias. I do agree quite a bit, but have you read back your lame post? Who is being the bias bitch here?

    I do admit DBSK is better in vocal than Big Bang and everything else, since I’m a big Big Bang fan and also DBSK.
    But saying, Big Bang = SHIT? You make me LOL big time.
    Do you realize that in your post, you are complimenting DBSK or SHINee too much and also by saying SHINee is one of a kind group? Noona, You’re So Pretty or Replay is not a one time wonder?
    Every fans think their idols is one of a kind. SHINee is a very good group consisting of talented singers, but you shouldn’t trash other artists because you feel threatened that your fav. artist is being criticized/trashed/blablabla.
    I don’t even care if you ever came back to this site or whatever, I just had to say this. 😀

  21. 21 Jenn

    Yeah , when I first saw the music video , they really reminded me of Big Bang . But I’m not hating them . I really like SHINee . (: Just hope they’re not competing against Big Bang . But I still like Big Bang more . ^^ SHINee reminds me of the younger version of Big Bang . LOL ! ❤

    –* loves to korea ; Jenn .

  22. 22 Jun

    i was thinking perhaps the directors for both mv are actually the same person? lol

  23. I agree with doodle O:
    Your being bias by calling some other group shit. And you call the blogger bias. He/She (sorry im not sure >_> ) might be, but you are bias too.
    Big bang, DBSK, Suju, SHINee <3333 :]

  24. 24 kuret

    i totally agree with haehae…

  25. 25 Jimuna

    i do think replay is catchy song but somehow that is it!!
    shinee is new and upcoming with lot of promise bla bla bla but bigbang isnt exactly long formed band either. and what they achieved in short period is outstanding and is i believe for long run.. because well i feel they r different than other flower boys type of boybands.
    all members of bigbang are quite unique and blend in very well.. can have great carreer doing solo and still form one of the best band.
    for me bigbang=VIP=LOVE =]

  26. this is a very late reply.. But i just want you to know that you also consider SHINee’s age before sayin that they’re not that good as BB… 2008 was ruled by SHINee in a rookie category that means they are good probably one the best in the korean industry…. *peace*

  27. So it means shinee is a plagiat and gay? Huh?
    Ok. First. Shinee isn’t copying the way Bigbang with a girl. You’re too obvious. Second. Shinee isn’t copying Suju’s U’s V format. I think many MVs use that. Third, DON’T SAY SHINEE IS GAY OR I’LL KILL YOU! *sorry, i’m angry of it.

    If you want to judge the Replay MV, don’t give it to SHINee. Give it to SM and also, remember that SHINee and SuJu are in the same management!

    *peace -_-v

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