Doppelganger: DBSK’s Hero and Unnamed blonde guy in KAT-TUN’s Don’t You Ever Stop PV


HAHAHA. I KNOW it’s NOT Jae Joong but … when I was watching the PV I kept musing at how much the unnamed guy who sits around smashing glass balls reminded me of Hero. HAHA. You think? PV below.(Quite a catchy song, imo, with a sexy part when Jin licks his hand. He’s always licking something or other, i think. Like the exaggerated licking of his lips in some other live performance eons ago. Anw the song is currently Tops on Oricon too. The PV was a bit weird though. The clothes they were wearing were strange, not BAD per se… just that I couldn’t really identify the theme. Oh whatever.)


14 Responses to “Doppelganger: DBSK’s Hero and Unnamed blonde guy in KAT-TUN’s Don’t You Ever Stop PV”

  1. it’s a really nice song… love it lots… love jin hair too… he look sooo hot !!!

  2. 2 haine

    i like their new song…but i thought that the ‘guy’ with the white hair was a girl O.o!!

  3. 3 sphinxie3

    hahaha..i was so excited reading this post, coz the first time i saw the PV, my first word was that,” eh, wasn’t that Jaejoong? ” hahahaha…i think maybe because of the hair and the way the ‘guy’ (i think that’s a girl, though) sit…

  4. to sphinxie3: HEY COOL WE HAD THE SAME thOugHT!!! hahahaahah

    to haine + sphinxie3: Jaejoong looks a bit like a girl also what… that’s part of his allure!! HAHA but yea i DID wonder if the person in the PV was a girl….. but Jaejoong’s face just pushed everything else out of my head HAHA \(^_^)/

  5. 5 lisa DBSK FAN 4 EVERX

    LUV JAEJOONG LUV LUV LUV LUV hahahhahaha who cares about everything else…. will watch the PV when i have sound. 😛

  6. 6 bunnicouture

    It’s a girl. She’s got boobs and heels.

  7. 7 fatfish

    haha they look weird dancing
    and the way they pretend to sing is not realistic!!
    but i love the cool little orbs of light, that was nice

  8. 8 pizbuin

    It’s a girl… her name is Camilla and she’s a model from Sweden currently studying at some Uni in Tokyo. I don’t remember which though.

  9. 9 sphinxie3

    to superoldgranny : agree!!agree!! that’s jaejoong’s allure! n also, everytime i watched that PV, jaejoong’s face pushed out everything else out of my head also…hahaha…

    to pizbuin : thanks for the info ne…now all confusions are cleared…that’s not jaejoong (as if others don’t know) hehe..

  10. 10 upper east sider

    zomg i was seriously thought the same thing about jin!! he always purses his lips as an attempt to look sexy or something to that effect, just like how kame raises his thin eyebrows and wink at the camera. not working. LOL. and yea, i dint get the vid either but you can tell kat-tun’s a big johnny fave since so far their mvs look more expensive than other je groups. it’s a far cry from news’ summer time! and this one has girls!! nande??? i thought there was some provision in the je handbook not to have female presence in their vids or in their lives evarrr! so, members of kat-tun can go to exile in LA and come back at will, date older women (*kame, ahem), look gangsta and have girls on the side!

  11. 11 janzy

    when i saw the making of that MV it wasn’t a guy…it was a girl but i think its just the hair

  12. 12 cleene

    i love jin’s hairdo in the video of Dont you ever stop.

    With that handsome face, any hairdo will fit him easily

  13. That guy smashing glass balls is a girl.

  14. hey cutiie…
    hope i can u see in real life….
    hahahahahahahha funny but cute

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