Photo of Nakajima Yuto’s brother, Raiya


The one on the left is Raiya, and the one on the right is Yuuto when he was younger. Yuuto’s still cuter! Imho


23 Responses to “Photo of Nakajima Yuto’s brother, Raiya”

  1. 1 lisa

    raiya somehow reminds me of ueno juri

  2. 2 Mysaki-san

    very cute~ lol, the future of JE… just kidding but i wouldn’t mind cheering him up to go for an audition 😀

  3. my god, they are a like! well, yuto is cuter, i agree with that. hope raiya will follow his brothers steps and become famous cute little angel, just like yuto XD

  4. 4 Betty

    they do look so much alike! XD but i do agree. yuto is cuter =P he should follow his foot steps ne? good idea. x3

  5. 5 yellowstufftoy

    HELLO!:Derm.just asking…do you know what school is nakajima yuto attending now?its the same with yamada…

  6. in phillipines im also YUTO……add me thanks….i love to meet people from the other places special if i have the same Family name..

  7. wow~they look a bit same!! XD kawaii desu!

  8. 9 renQ

    Hey,Im a big fan of Yuto,so kawaii,right? I really hope I can meet him one day,hm…Raiya? Cute name….Yuto is cuter for me….I’ve learn japanese lnguage so if I meet him,I can speak in Japanese….Ganbatte Yuto! I hope he can be a successful boy

  9. 10 toorihibiki

    raiya is like yuto!!!
    can I get this photo for me??

  10. 11 cHiiHaru

    hiS LiL bRoTheR is kAwAii!!!
    hE LovEs hiS LiL bRoTher a Lot…

  11. both are cutee~ kawaii nee!

  12. to yellowstufftoy. yuto’s school is also the same with daiki,chinen,yamada,yaotome and hikaru….and the school is located at nakano-ku near the train…and the name is “Horikoshi Gakuen”.The place is actually just near to my home…just 15 mins. drive and i use oedo-sen to go there…are you a japanese?? please reply at my friendster at

  13. Gomen it’s yaotome hikaru not yaotome and hikaru..
    Reply on this link guys f you still have questions

  14. 15 kumi n_n.

    hmm..yuto chan dattemo kawaii n_n.

  15. waa…do u really live near to HSJ school..?

    how cool..!!!aaaaa!!

    have u seen them?????

    can i add u?

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  17. 18 ayame_yoshizumi

    they’re similar..^^
    raiya is like yutooooo*my princeeeeee*

    if raiya grow up..then..mybe his face is like yuto*my prince*…


  18. 19 ayame_yoshizumi

    but…yutoo is cutter…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..
    hohohohoohoho………….*i luppppppph yaaaaaaaaaa*

  19. 20 keito okamoto

    the left one is raiya kun,
    but the right one isn’t yuto kun,
    look at his kanji name, it’s wrong

  20. 21 Noam

    Aww they both are cute! is Raiya a Johnny?

  21. But…but that kanji is not Yuto’s kanji…so I suppose that boy is not Yuto, right?

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