KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru in Waseda


(Japanese online blog source: Gazoudaisuki) Only one small picture? No grand press reception like Hirosue Ryoko did? Haha it’s good that he didn’t anyway don’t think he’s as big as Hirosue was at the time o_O… Waseda eh… Urayamashiii nee.


12 Responses to “KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru in Waseda”

  1. 1 upper east sider

    isn’t tegoshi also in waseda? or is it shige? NEWS has always been the JE boy band with a goody-goody “university” image. while kat-tun is… er, the group that has identity issues, what with their rock ero songs while koki is posing gangsta. anyway, it’s good that nakamaru is able to keep a low profile. besides, it’s so much less pressure when the whole public does not know whether you flunked a course or not, or whether you’re even graduating at all. *ahem, pi* it’s also smart of him to have a back up plan just in case the kat-tun flame dies out.

    i hope JE has college plans for hey say 7. they aren’t staying cute forever. yes, people! they will grow old and gray too! and some of them won’t be as good looking.

  2. 2 upper east sider

    oops, forgot to add. ^^ not that it’s a bad thing. hey say is love. it’s like when your puppy gets bigger you tend to seem less interested in it than before. er… okay, bad analogy. *dodges fangirls’ daggers* love JE!:PPP

  3. 3 superoldgranny

    did you watch the hey say music video… the latest one UMP ultra music power or smth. they’re like in full blown awkward adolescence can see the acne breakouts on some of them i think.. and the weird-ish cheekbone growth haha! the only guy i like is nakajima yuto! first saw him in engine ❤ ❤

    i wouldn’t say nakamaru’s keeping a low profile too quickly though…. the lack of a press reception may just be because he’s seriously not a BIG BIG figure (although kat-tun is) and he’s only just started and waseda’s quite a high profile school i thought. no idea about tegoshi haha. ^_^

  4. 4 MaRGa

    yes, tegoshi is in waseda… shige is studing law at aoyama gakuin university.

    Saludos superoldgranny guapa. Ahora me toca a mi estudiar 😦 Espero que te hayan ido bien los exámenes! 🙂

  5. 5 upper east sider

    about hey say 7 or jump or whatsoever… realllly? i don’t care too much about them to actually watch their videos. soon their voices will be breaking out and that cute image will wear off. but then again, most JE groups sing like they’re undergoing a difficult puberty anyway. lololol. i like yuto too! first saw him in nobuta and i thought, wow, that boy will surely look nice when he grows up. i found chinen kinda cute too but the excessive twirling just scares me. and yabu? puhleese.

  6. 6 Kiyomi

    “but then again, most JE groups sing like they’re undergoing a difficult puberty anyway.”

  7. 7 blaire

    lol and to think kat-tun members are always teasing nakamaru for being “so ordinary.” (almost in all cartoon kat-tun eps) dunno how they find that funny, though. i mean, what’s so extraordinary about kame anyway? other than his high arched eyebrows? hah! at least he’s an ordinary guy with extraordinary intelligence to actually pass waseda entrance exams despite their tedious working schedule…

    anyway, to superoldgranny, lolol at the acne induced hey say!! talk about literally growing up in the public’s eyes! that’s part of puberty no one in his right mind would want to show the whole world!
    and to kiyomi, what’s FTW? my text language only ranges from lol to ROFL. lol.

  8. 8 Kiyomi

    lol…it means “for the win”
    blame my gamer friends for that…

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  10. 10 kichapi

    Hey! What’s wrong with Maru anyway? Your’e all acting as if bringing Maru to the topic is so IMPOSSIBLE? 😡

    hello?! He has a very good voice (together with akanishi-kun), very diligent (he even had time to study kanji and to enter university), good at beatboxing, a good conversationalist, and very very much adorable :)))) look who’s slowly getting the attention of fangirls at kattun? it’s 2010 now, the tables are upturned. >:D

    okay, a fangirl here is blabbing.. but still, just don’t look down upon him.

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