Does Yamapi have a new girlfriend?


(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) If you haven’t read about Abiru Yuu’s ( the girl Yamapi was with) escapade from Wada Akiko’s party with Da Pump’s ISSA, read it here.

In any case, it seems that Yamapi has moved on with a new girlfriend who is a former model of a girl magazine called “egg”. o_O. Apparently she resembles Abiru Yuu and the two of them have known each other since high school.

When contacted, Johnny’s Entertainment had this to say, “All these rumours are baseless!” Nothing out of the ordinary.

However it dOES seem like one of those baseless rumours, no photo, no name, bleah. But there hasn’t been anything really interesting these days =(. Except maybe Koda Kumi’s secret holiday with Nakai Masahiro, but neither interest me so I didn’t cover that yesterday. :p.

40 Responses to “Does Yamapi have a new girlfriend?”

  1. 1 upper east sider

    either tabloid people don’t have anything interesting to talk about anymore so they make up some delusional stories to sell mags or idols have been laying low, expertly dodging stalkerazzis and going to discreet places in clever disguises. lol.

    are they even sure that the girl is not really abiru yuu? maybe it’s abiru, in a failed attempt to disguise herself. lol, okay now THAT would make headlines.

    anyway, people should cut yamapi some slack. he’s working hard, and unless fangirls don’t know yet, he has a LIFE. and yes, he’s just like every other testosterone-filled 23 year old guy who needs to date real girls. XDDD

  2. 2 christine

    But you know “celebrities” don’t have any privacy because they are called “celebrities”

  3. 3 Mysaki-san

    well whether yamapi dates this girl or not is probably none of his fans’ business
    like what “upper east sider” said, he has a life so as long as he does
    his best in being a j-idol then i think we should be contented that way. lol
    it’s not like he’s randomly gonna choose a girl and date her, if he dates a person
    let it be… he must have his reasons just like we have our reasons on liking him 😀

  4. 4 rian

    is it true these boys from johnny’s entertainment aren’t allowed to have girlfriends as long as their idols?

  5. 5 Mysaki-san


    yeah i’ve heard *from good resources* that they’re not really allowed to have a public relationship because they should be “available” for the masses, i can’t explain but that’s what i know, hmm but i guess they might can have private relationships :/ there are some je seniors who are married~

  6. hi just want to tell if i see yamapi pic kiss girl in friendster n that pic looks so real but dunno if its really his girlfriend or not.

  7. 7 sunny

    tell miyavi i like him

  8. 8 sunny

    sorry i didnt want to embaress you Miyavi and my real name is Tiffaney

  9. 9 sunny

    good night

  10. good night you look hot but im not intrested i already have some on eles im kiding i dont have anyone but your hot

  11. Hi webmaster!

  12. Hi webmaster!

  13. Hi webmaster!

  14. 14 Japanese Lover

    Oh my God
    I will be sad 😦

  15. 15 LadyGal

    I gotta be honest, he’s not that good looking and overall he doesn’t match big eyes. He needs to smile often and he’s a stuckup. Bye.

  16. i thought horikita makiwas his gf..

  17. LOL
    that doesn’t even make any sense!

  18. 18 ladiehottness

    i would support him all the way for his love life but not with abiru yuu..anyone else..go yamapi i support u

  19. 19 kawaii_shoujo

    …Damn….I want him to go out with Maki-chaaaan…..waaah!

  20. Yamapi is ingacheted with maki. They are going to get marryied soon?

  21. 21 Yamapi fan

    I always thought it was justvyamaki. I didn’t know abiru yuh was one of his gfs too. So sad, I don’t like abiru. No offense to any of her fans or something, but I think that she’s a slut. And yamapi is too good and pure for a slut… LOL

  22. 22 yamapi

    yamapi yang bernafsu normal

  23. 23 blank

    i like to look at Egg magazine sometimes. I can’t think of any girl from egg magazine pair up with yamapi. Yamapi has wierd taste in women. First to maki goto to keiko, then to abiru, and now to some former model from egg magazine. i think the taboloids must be very tire of abiru-yamapi story so now they’re just making rumors up about yamapi having a new girlfriend. There are a lot of former egg models that retire from egg magazine. The only ones i know that is a former egg model is tsubasa masuwaka and a model call ka-tan. (not the band kat-tun) Obiviously it’s not either one of those two. Tsubasa masuwaka is marry and has a child so it’s definitely not her. Ka-tan turned to hime gyaru and i don’t think it’s not possible that they met. I think that if he is going out with an egg’s former magazine model, she must not be very well-known because not even the tabloids know her name.

  24. 24 all Yama Fans

    hey all I saw in Youtube comment just now..
    and I saw that thiz girl Abiru yuu is Yamapi’s ex…
    Is It right..
    and I know that the song he’s singing…
    I think its gomen ne juliet is it for her…??
    and I know that she’s dating amen called koki..??
    who’s that koki ??
    but I heard somewhere that yamapi has engaged with Horikita Maki ??
    is it true ??

  25. 25 faye

    yahh,,,maki chan for me to..,

  26. 26 yOmotsumOno

    abiru has boyfriend l0rh..his name koki tanaka from Kattun..
    Abiru is just yamapi’s ex-gf..
    but somebody told me that yamapi still like her..
    i dont know is it true or not..
    btw, i also think that yamapi’s dating with maki..
    maki’s more suitable 4 him..

  27. 27 Tari

    I dont think he has a girlfriend at all at the moment…
    But he is perfectly entitled to have a girlfriend…he shouldnt be stopped by a load of fans…even if I’ll cry XD Its his life, he can do what he wants…

  28. oh please, cant some of you guys get anymore mature?
    cos, yamapi never admited to dating Maki or Keiko.
    they was never any proof. i dont get you guys when you say “oh but hes already engaged to maki” or “i heard maki was dating pi, is it true?’
    i know u guys lyk the couple “Yamaki” but these remarks make it sound lyk they really are together and dats when ppl get confused and ask the questions u guys are right now.

    however, i am not really sure if yamapi has a girlfrien, if he does, i will be happy for him^^

  29. 29 nada

    okay~~ im not so interested in yamapi but i should say his not that spicel ….umm maby cute N good looking but his persnalty is..:s aneway i think its a rumor =]

  30. well,i like the way he is now…so ambitious and confident

  31. 31 YukihikariBerry

    I thought the Yamapi-Maki engage thing was just one of those lame joke pulled by someone making a video about them on April 1st. I dont mind Yamapi dating but pls could he date some sensible ladies??? Some one with class, maybe……

  32. 32 YukihikariBerry

    And please people, Yamapi is not a stuck -up!!

    You havent seen worse stuck-up people who thinks they are the universe. Damn those idiots to oblivion!!!!
    Yamapi is a nice, hard-working guy!….although sometimes he may be mean to his band mates (eg. Shige and Koyama) but I still support him!!!!

  33. 33 dd

    I’m his fan too. He look so cute and really amazing, plus he is great!
    Ng, it just.. i never see his smile face.. it must be so cool. why don’t he smile??
    so, he has a girl friend?? it’s good!
    i just can say CONGRATULATION!!.. sorry. it because, my English are not really good.. hahaha.. (i’m serious)
    I still support you, yamappi!!

  34. 34 joyce

    yamapi have LIFE!so let yamapi be free from this rumours ok?!we’re just fans!!we can’t do anything for him!but we can support yamapi for being a celebrity!everyone has private life!!let’s just support and love yamapi for his sake ok?so please understand yamapi!

    IM A FAN OF YAMAPI!!let’s support yamapi!AISHITERU YAMAPI-SAN!

  35. so what kahit sino ang maging GF ni YAMAPI ay ok lang saming mga fans nia
    basta happy sia…i will support yamapi….

  36. long live yamapi no matter what happen im still your no. fans here in the philippines
    mabuhay ka at ang mga kasama mo sa NEWS….kayo ni ryo…

  37. 37 aeka

    hes already engage with horikita maki…see the press conference confession…

  38. 38 hyundaihatsubaru

    engaged with maki?
    haha..he’s now rumoured with kagami seira.
    you can’t do anythin else but watching him dating with her in a small cafe which popular with bussiness men(to avoid crazy/less-sensible fans).

  39. 39 black_swindler

    I hope Yamapi and Keiko’s relationship will last. It’s kinda like they’re made for each other.

  40. 40 issa

    …woahhhh!!..i really like the yamaki chemistry……but it’s not our decision…but i really like yamaki pair up…..

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