CHANGE’s First Episode scores 23.8%, losing to Gokusen 3 but helps PM Fukuda’s ratings


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/ Photo from FujiTV website) WHAT’S UP WITH THE HAIR?! Hahahahahaha!

Anyway KimuTaku’s new dorama, CHANGE, recorded 23.8% in viewer ratings, as opposed to Gokusen 3’s first episode which scored 26.4%. Keep in mind however that Gokusen 3 airs on a Saturday, whilst CHANGE airs on Monday. That may have a bit of influence.

Mainichi also conducted a public opinion poll of Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo and found that his support rose and exceeded 18%. Is this a spurious correlation or a potent connection?!?? Were there secret political interests going on behind-the-scenes in the production of this dorama? Who knows, who cares. Haha. Personally I think Fukuda’s going to step down soon, but probably everybody thinks so already anyway. What I WANT to know however, is how well KimuTaku’s new dorama holds up in the coming weeks. Talk about political apathy man. HAHA.

In an update of my earlier post, the above is a picture of the car that is to be given out to a lucky viewer who answers the quiz correctly at the end of EVERY episode, not just the first one. 


3 Responses to “CHANGE’s First Episode scores 23.8%, losing to Gokusen 3 but helps PM Fukuda’s ratings”

  1. 1 H no Granny

    On a Monday night, the rating is not that bad… KimuTaku dramas get 20+ most of the time.

    A car every week?!? Scary… Just how big is their project for this series?!?

  2. 2 H no Granny

    Sorry, budget. *rolls eyes* The weekly car giveaway shocked me…

  3. 3 fieyz

    wat eva……….. i love n enjoy myself everytime i watch kimura’s drama

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