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(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/ Photo from Yamada Yu’s blog) Yamada Yu got besieged by reporters yesterday (12th May 2008 ) when she turned up for a radio program on NACK 5. “What kind of ‘being’ is Oguri Shun?” A reporter asked. “Sugoi Suteki kind of person desu.” was the reply. (those two words are […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) After playing a nun alongside Kamenashi Kazuya in One Pound Gospel, Kuroki Meisa now takes up the challenge of playing prominent cross-dressing war figure (the word heroine may be a bit politically testy) Kawashima Yoshiko in Asahi TV’s new dorama, to be aired later in the year, [男装の麗人(仮)~川島芳子の生涯~]. (Dansou no Reijin […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/ Photo from FujiTV website) WHAT’S UP WITH THE HAIR?! Hahahahahaha! Anyway KimuTaku’s new dorama, CHANGE, recorded 23.8% in viewer ratings, as opposed to Gokusen 3’s first episode which scored 26.4%. Keep in mind however that Gokusen 3 airs on a Saturday, whilst CHANGE airs on Monday. That may have a […]