Smiling Doppelganger: Baby Ryo and the now Ryo


I was secretly flipping through my sister’s secret stash of jap magazines when studying the past two days, and then saw the picture (above, right) of ryo. His smile is so goofy!!! And it HASN’T changed all these years apparently. But very uniquely Ryo. I don’t recall any other Johnny’s talent smiling like that. Akanishi has that thing with the slightly raised eyebrow. Kame normally looks earnestly at the camera. Ikuta Toma sort of frowns.  Anyway so yes this is a pirated doppelganger post hahaha (since it’s the same person)

ryo is with Uchi Hiroki on the right!


8 Responses to “Smiling Doppelganger: Baby Ryo and the now Ryo”

  1. 1 lisa

    I LUV THAT SMILE AHHAHAA its like you could hug him to pieces *glomps* whahahahha

  2. 2 ying

    on the bottom picture on the left, is that Yamashita Tomohisa with him? looks just like him.

  3. yes it’s yamapi!!! ^_^

  4. 4 sakura

    His smile is the best.I really love that!!

  5. 5 minahko

    I falling love with dokkun smile….
    your eyes is very cute to….
    your face ike babyface…….
    only you in my heart…

  6. 6 minahko

    cute guy… really love him…

  7. Oh god he’s so adorable.

  8. 8 nadnsihikido

    he is totally ichiiban desu….cute adorable….look at that kawaii smilemake u bleed@_@ tooo gorgeous!!!!!! love ryo-chan

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