Question: Is it legal to post photos of people you don’t know?


Hi! One of my friends just emailed me a photo of some stranger who looks like Wu Zun! What I want to know is, is it LEGAL to post photos of people you don’t know (esp since my friend took the photo secretly HAHAAH a bit perverse i know) but we’re not like going to SLAM/FLAMe the person or anything, but merely, admire his good looks (HAHA!)

Please post comments, and don’t expect any new entries till 7th May cos have papers today + tmr! ❤ ❤ ❤ (law students esp makthemutant please post comments and give expert advice)


6 Responses to “Question: Is it legal to post photos of people you don’t know?”

  1. 1 makthemutant

    There is no tort of invasion of privacy. And your friend has the copyright to the material.

    So feel free to post it, as long as any accompanying material is not defamatory.

  2. 2 anna

    Technically, i don’t think it’s legal.. and this goes for celebrity’s photos as well because truly, they don’t know you anyway. Usually, stuff like this requires permission from the subject but everybody does this on the internet anyway so it’s unlikely you’ll get sued for it, just probably get asked to take it off. If i found a photo of myself on the internet, i’d be quite shocked myself. I don’t think it’ll be a huge matter since you’re not defaming anyone =P

  3. 3 akame22

    I think it’s ok if the picture is taken by your friend and you friend gave you the permission to post it…

  4. 4 supermango

    superoldgranny, are you who i think you are?!!?

  5. and who do you think i am?? hahaha

  6. 6 makthemutant

    i know who supermango is (and also superoldgranny).

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