Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 2nd May 2008


This must be quick, if not I will fail my 3 exams next week. 😡 Thus I will import wholesale from Tokyograph.

1. ARASHI to host 24-Hour TV Love will save the world!!!

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Entame has a longer article on it, unfortunately I’m going to cop-out and copy and paste the skinny + anorexic Tokyograph article on it. (GOMEN, TImE NO ENOUGH!)


has been chosen as the main personalities for NTV’s annual charity program “24 Hour Television,” scheduled for August 30-31 this year. This will be the group’s second time hosting the show – they last did it in 2004, also an Olympic year.

The program’s overall hosts will be announcers Kazuo Tokumitsu and Yukari Nishio.

(Source: Tokyograph)

2. Wada Akiko to hold first overseas concert in New York!

(Source: Tokyograph)

Prominent singer and TV personality Akiko Wada will be visiting Harlem, New York, later this year to hold her first concert outside of Japan. She will perform at the famous Apollo Theater on September 29, less than a month before the 40th anniversary of her debut single. She is said to be the first Japanese artist to get a solo show at that venue.

Four years ago, Wada went to New York for a special television program. She visited The Apollo while she was there, and she was deeply moved by the theater’s many pictures of famous artists, particularly her idol Ray Charles. At the time, she began hoping to someday perform there.

Negotiations for a concert were apparently finalized this year, and the process reportedly went smoothly as the theater’s staff was familiar with Wada’s fame as a singer in Japan. Wada is said to be in training for the big event, cutting back on alcohol, doing lots of walking, and going to a gym 2-3 times a week.

One of the concert’s highlights will be the guest appearance of the ARC Choir, a group formed by the Addicts Rehabilitation Center that Wada previously worked with for the television show four years ago. Other special features are being planned for the concert, though Wada expressed disappointment that she would not be able to perform again with the late Ray Charles. (He made a guest appearance at the Tokyo International Forum for Wada’s 30th anniversary concert in 1998.)

Wada will also be on tour in Japan from June 20 until September 18.

3. Zettai Kareshi scores 15.1% ratings for 3rd Episode!

(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure) According to Idolgravure, for current doramas:

13% is the pass mark

15% means it’s a hit

20% ++ means it’s a big hit!

The upward trend for Zettai Kareshi is certainly promising! Click here to check out it’s ratings for last week. Also, apparently there were some rumours about Mocomichi retiring. I didn’t even hear about that, but in the same article it was reported that those rumours have been quashed. O_O. Okay, happy weekend folks! ^_^


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  1. 1 Hanna

    Akiko Wada was in the “NEW YORK Post” Just the other day!! Hopefully her show will be sold out since a major New York news paper gave her space.

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