Doppelganger: Nishikido Ryo and Victor Basa


Multi-thanks to blaire who left a comment in my previous Doppelganger entry tipping me off about Victor Basa, a Filipino model! His wiki entry is here. So how, do you think they resemble each other??? Haha (but I still think Ryo is cuter)



39 Responses to “Doppelganger: Nishikido Ryo and Victor Basa”

  1. 1 blaire

    lol you’re welcome fellow doppleganger lover! i only go to know victor from mtv since he is a vj and he did some modeling in asia. singapore i think? (and he’s friends with the other channel v guys) both he and ryo have the same dark i’m-so-toubled-ala-james-dean brooding kind of aura (whatever that means), and there are more victor pics that resemble ryo.. i have to agree ryo WINS (skinny and all, still love him).

  2. 2 Shimizu Yori

    ….hehe i really think so that they are a bit very the same….i’m a fan of NEWS and of course Ryo…when i saw Victor he always reminds me of Ryo… thats why i began to like this actor because it reminds me of Ryo…..but as you said Ryo is cuter….kawaii-ne…

  3. 3 heyU

    Yeah, he looks like Ryo, no doubt about it. However is more Kakoii

  4. 4 heyU

    Ryo i mean

  5. Hi webmaster!

  6. Hi webmaster!

  7. 7 hachikokokoro

    i think victor is much cuter,though they looked like twins

  8. 8 xanax

    Hi webmaster!

  9. 9 duke_andy

    Ryo and Victor have facial similarities. However, in my opinion, Ryo is cuter and more natural. Likewise, Ryo acts far better than Victor.

  10. 10 ingga

    well..ryo is cuter..maybe because i’ve known victor first since i live in the phillipines..(not much of a fan of phils.’ entertainmnt)

  11. 11 glenda

    Victor is much cuter hands down.

  12. 12 janzy

    they look similar but ryo is much skinner (and i like it that way though he could use another pound or two of muscle) sweet i’m filipino *goin to ask my mom bout him* and i still would prefer super hot ryo

  13. 13 we all know it''s Ryo

    ryo ryo ryo ryo and his name is tighter too ryo ryo ryo ryo ryo ryo

  14. 14 shomai

    i watched one litre of tear and got the same impression. i used to watch victor basa in abt ur luv and astig. he looks very similar to ryouchan. victor basa has many billboards of bench and penshoppe here in the philippines.

  15. 15 قلب ريو


    ريـو ألطف و أنعم و أجمل من هذا الرجل
    هذا الرجل يبدو أكبر من ريو سناً

    ريـو يخقــــــق

  16. 16 incomplet_

    ei, you should feature cathy gonzaga and ayase haruka.. tamaki hiroshi, ikuta toma, and teppei koike.. kim chiu and inoue mao.. because they look all the same to me.. and yep.. jun matsumoto and hiro mizushima too.. ^^

  17. 17 lavender

    when i watched one liter of tears (eng subs) here in the philippines i got the impression too of watching two filipino actors in a japanese drama. victor basa does look like ryo’s twin…and cristine reyes (filipina actress) looks so much like erika sawajiri.

  18. 19 angela

    el es muyyyyyyyyy lindo en verdad es muy guapoooooo yo me casaria con el, daria cualquier cosa por una cosita tan dulce y tierna como Nishikido Ryo , lo amooooooooooooooooo en serio yo nunca bromeo. saludos a todos byebye cdt m

  19. 20 Andy

    Dear Basa

    I am Andy in Hong Kong,i find your picture in the net. I like your face especially your mouth. Hope can receive your e-mail and know you some more.

    Thank You

  20. 21 stephanazs

    Interesting facts.I have bookmarked this site. stephanazs

  21. UUU
    yo amo a Ryo Nishikidoooo
    cuando kiera ke venga por mi aki en culiacan sinaloa mexicooo
    me caso con el…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 23 wie

    victor basa looks like lee min ki..for me.,

  23. 24 RYoPI

    Yup Yup Victor looks like Ryo But Ryo More Cute

    And I Love Ryo

  24. 25 ryo_anne

    ryo-chan is much cooler, tho i have to admit that guy somehow looks like him a lot!

  25. 26 tine

    they really look alike but ryo’s hotter and cuter.. and he’s good at acting.. oh by the way, i’m a filipinO. ahaha

  26. 27 jolly anne

    eeewwww.. victor basa ???? , i think ryo more handsome than him !!!!!! .

  27. 28 jolly anne

    eeewwww.. victor basa ???? , i think is ryo more2 handsome than him !!!!!! ….
    . coz victor basa not reaLLy popuLaR here in PH … hAhA =)

  28. 29 Tayloraddict

    Hi all! I’m a filipino. I know Victor basa and he’s not so adored here in the philippines. I got the same impression. They’re look alike in some sort. But i never thought of victor when i saw the trailer of 1liter of tears. What i saw to him was YAEL of spongecola!! .hei all filipino out there who can relate who’s i’m talking about, what do u think?? .it’s just okei if u don’t agree. .hehehe^ ^

  29. 30 yvone

    it’z ryo…it’z haruto…ahaha

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  32. nishikido rio watashi kyo hoshi kaku , hanasu,

  33. hola solo quria decirte que erearia cons muy guapo y talentoso y que tambien me encantocerte bye

  34. victor is cuter… but i luv u ryo more more more motto motto motto hihi^^

  35. 36 Ran

    hmmm… I can’t say he really looks like Nishikido Ryo… there are some angles maybe when he looks like Ryo but… Ryo is more handsome and cool…

  36. 37 Me

    Ano san… I can’t say they look like each other.. to be honest this victor-dude reminds me more of Shirota Yuu

  37. Hi everyone! I have to say that IMO, this Victor model does sort-of resemble Ryo somewhat. However, even though I DO like Victor’s bod more (sexy! ♥ 1st time I ever saw this guy b4) Ryo IS much much more kakkoii ne!!

    Thanks 4 sharing!

  38. basa had thick lips but ryo is more cuter than basa

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