Doppelganger: Mizushima Hiro and Matsumoto Jun


Don’t you think so?!?! Actually I already thought so while watching Hana Kimi last year, before I started this blog. When blogging about Zettai Kareshi I just suddenly remembered it.

61 Responses to “Doppelganger: Mizushima Hiro and Matsumoto Jun”

  1. 1 H no Granny

    The eyes, eyebrows (JUN!JUN!JUN!), and jaws are different. Their auras are slightly different also. I can see the similarities though…
    But given the choice I’d go for Princess Jun! XD

  2. 2 XOXO

    lolol at princess jun. hiro for me. jun’s looking a whole lot like michael jackson these days hahaha. but props to jun for making the androgenous/ metrosexual look happen without looking too gay. he made the domyouji look work! lol at jerry yan (sorry i suddenly had this weird mental image of jerry with pineapple hair, tight black leather pants, shiny tank top with a bandana to match)

  3. 3 blaire

    you might want to check this guy (, a fashion model who looks like nishkido ryo. or ryo looks like him. everyone keeps saying that nowadays, i just dint see the resemblance until i saw his pics (he has a better physique though). he’s quite famous too.

  4. 4 H no Granny

    Yes, may anggulo nga… Victor and Ryo have some similar features…
    He trying to dress like MJ because he’s fascinated with his music.
    *sweat drops*

  5. 5 Feema

    Same cheekbones, same ugly faces.
    Sorry~ just my opinion.

    I never liked Jun Matsumoto.

  6. 6 lisa

    they look similar, slightly, but they still come across as absolutely different? lol must be the aura.

    actually when i first saw matsujun i thought he was damn ugly also. first time i saw him was in HYD i was like WTF?!?!?!?! how can (dao ming si) be so ugly?!?!?!??!!? but then he did it really well…but i think jerry yan is still classic.

    but now i like his face!!! i think its really subjective though some people think hes damn ugly, and i dont really think hes pretty or anything but hes just good looking, like i actually like his face. hmmm.

    oh yeah hiro probably looks like him because of the hair?

  7. yes I agree. a bit similar. on the picture I guess it’s because of the hair(?).

  8. hahahaah most of my doppelganger comparison-people have the SAME HAIR!!! this is just testimony to the importance of hair in constituting one’s look. :p :p :p

  9. oh yes and THANKS to blaire for showing me victor basa! im making a new entry now! ^_^

  10. 10 oney-chama

    love both!!!! they’re so kawaiiii

  11. 11 choco-late

    I thought of the same thing when I first saw him in Hana Kimi.

  12. 12 mia

    i used to have a crush on jun till hiro came along……..

  13. 13 Jo

    I agree that they look alike. Especially in Zettai Kareshi, some of the facial expressions that Hiro makes remind me of Matsujun. They’ve both got that skinny ikemen look going for them…^_^

  14. 14 Michan

    I loved Jun but recently I’m really interessted in Hiro…today after watching Zettai Kareshi I asked me why and in THIS moment I noticed that they look a bit alike…as for me perhaps I like the eye and hair part thats really similiar…
    I think Jun will never loose against anybody, but recently he looks…I dont know…different..perhaps he’s exhausted by the business? He should take a break…perhaps then he get’s his bright smile back 😀 but for now…HIRO! *-*
    ( It took me a while though to realize that he’s playing in Lovely Complex too! so different!)

  15. 15 ren

    HIRO – all the way……… matsujun has NO CHIN! HIRO! HIRO! HIRO!

  16. 16 tara

    they are really similiar!!
    though they have different personality,i guess.
    but i LOVE both of them!!
    uhhmm,i think hiro look more handsome than jun.
    but jun is so much cooler than hiro!
    aaaahh..i can’t decide which one is better..hahhaa!

  17. 17 shelby


    Hiro is like the hot(ter) version of Jun… yah..

    But he has some serious hair issues

  18. 18 TIffani

    they r so not ugly!!!! in opinion.. when i was watychin hana-kimi i kept thinking is that matsujun?! and then it was like no they realy look alike

  19. 19 shine

    I also saw some similarities, but mostly in physique and occasionally hair especially when I watched Zettai Kareshi. However, he’s not flamboyant or as diva as Jun (he doesn’t have the infamous Jun walk or smirk). I really admire how down to earth and laid back Hiro is though. He’s not as “pretty” but he’s definitely cute. He just doesn’t stand out as much as Jun since his look dramatically changes with every role he plays. I tried looking at his other pictures and it’s hard to notice it’s even him. I didn’t even realize he was in Lovely Complex and I loved that movie! However, I think his role in Zettai has given him a better opportunity to show his skills. Anyway, sorry for the long rant. I just can’t wait for the next episode of Zettai. I think he’s really great and the fact that his English is superb makes me extremely happy for some reason!

  20. 20 lilly93

    hmm… they do look a little alike from an angle dakedo…. Hiro looks a little more like a gorl from time to time even tho he is extremley handsome, i still like Jun-sama the best!! >..<
    aaaah i want hom to play even more roles i wanna se more drama series of him hes just so kawaii

  21. 21 Ayla

    I know!!! When I was watching Zettai Kareshi, at first, I thought it was Matsumoto Jun… and then I googled /wikipedia’d it, and it turned out it was Mizushima Hiro
    Regardless, they’re both cute ^.^

    • 22 Joanne

      OMG! That was the same for me too! They looked so alike when Hiro was in Zettai Kareshi. I was fooled until I looked up the actor’s name :D. But I like Matsujun better 🙂

  22. 23 saori

    …a friend of mine looks like hiro(100% identical btw (183 cm) skinny and slim veyr fashionable.but he isnt japanese at all but from hong kong) loll
    i´ll post a pic of him next time i´ll ask him now anywayz loll but let me say/…i think u all cant get ur eyes of him(becus neither can i xD)i told him e looks like hiro*and now even more girls like him on the campus xD

  23. 24 saori

    ps:i dont think they look all.
    jun matsumoto is more hmh i dont know but..he isnt handsome and hiro..normal?i think the other guy in zettai kareshi is handsomer*the half filipino japanese . 🙂

  24. Actually I thought Hiro looked a lot more like an asian version of William Beckett, but I suppose all three look somewhat similar…

  25. 26 janzy

    that’s wat i thought too when i was watching hana kimi! lol they look alot alike but u could still pick out their little differences

  26. 27 duchess

    i like them both…lolz… must be the hair and the expression… and maybe the nose…

  27. 28 yuki

    I think both of them are not handsome at all…
    I don’t like them..

  28. 29 rio rio

    JUN~~~~! ME love JUN XD But ME love hiro too….. Me cant choose:)

  29. 30 leysad

    I think so too..
    It must be the hair, the eyes, the lips, the face, almost everything.
    Even their body. Both skinny.

  30. 31 HikaruForever


  31. 32 Usagi

    If you put a pic of them where their hair isn’t similar people would stop their disillusional fantasy on the resemblance of two blatantly different men o_O I did that before on one of my pages and people realized that it really was all aabout the hair because Jun’s face is wayyyyyyyyyy different (more horse-like because of his big teeth) than Mizu.

  32. 33 Madison

    I think they’re really look alike. I like them both, but I like Jun a bit more. He’s so cute!!

    (Sorry if I’m not so good at English… I am from Sweden.)

  33. 34 moonchild


    stumbled upon this site and just wanted to point out that calvin chen of fahrenheit kinda looks like jun & hiro too. ^.^

  34. 35 I_

    they look-alike because of the eyebrows or the curly hair… i think?

  35. YES!!!!!!! I THOUGHT SO TOO WHEN I SAW HIM IN HANA KIMI…THEY HAVE SIMILAR HAIRSTYLES BUT THERE’S ANOTHER GUY THAT LOOKS LIKE Mizushima Hiro….i don’t remember his name but he’s in johnny’s ent.

  36. 37 threeanne

    i prefer jun than hiro……i think hiro want to duplicated everything from jun,,hiro want to be like jun, want to make his aura like jun…but i think he’ll never be like jun..coz jun is differen from all of man in this world..jun’s pure as his self,,never try to be another guy,,jun’s more handsome than hiro…jun’s has a natural character..his a real man in this world..his build his character since he was as a little i proud of him..jun’s a cute, handsome, and also pure man,,,if i can say…i just want to say..that JUN’S LIKE A GUARDIAN ANGELS….his smile like a sugar who invitated a lots of ants to love him ( i mean that he’s got a cool face, big and cute smile, great expression, best dance, nice looking, and nice voices ) so its make all of his fans and also all of girls who can find it will falling love to him…and hiro what can i say all of him is imitation. he want to try and following jun’s style he cannot do everything as good as jun…..soooooooo………I VOTE FOR MATSUMOTO JUN…..GANBARE MATSUMOTO-KUN….we all of arashindo ( indonesian arashi fans club ) is love u and vote also saluut for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………………and from my self i loves u….

  37. i love hiro, and matsumoto jun too, but i more like oguri shun

  38. 39 fria vida

    i dont usually get mad about some stupid comments but im extremely pissed off right now. . how can you ever compare jun to this kind-of-junk-of-an-artist. . jun is just way too cool to be insulted like this. . ive watch a lot of japanese series and movies but ive never been impress of hiro. . keep it up threeanne, im on your side. . ja.!

  39. Hiro is better looking but Jun is a better actor ;]

  40. 41 Erythro

    they have a similar kind of look but i prefer hiro because jun has got this arrogant air on him…his face makes me want to punch him, really!

  41. aşkımm yhaa hepsüde çok tatluuu yha ikiside yhaaa keşke benle çıksalar ne güsel olurdu ytrarbbimmmm

  42. 43 hideko

    I made the same connection when I saw Hiro in HanaKimi. “Hm, if I could cast him in something, he’d be Jun’s brother in whatever it is,” is what I told myself. ^_^ haha. It’s fun to look for things like that, no?

  43. 44 Jdrama_love

    i think that jun is hot and so is hiro!! i saw hiro first and thought he was pretty hot but i didnt look him up until later… jun is way hot but they are very different to be compared to who likes which better…. i love hana kimi and all dramas!!!! they are both great actors but MASUDA WINS MY LOVE!!! i love shun and toma as well!!!

  44. 45 Nodame

    Hiro is hot as Namba-sempai and Kabuto, but Jun is sexier overall, and cuter, imo

  45. when i first saw him i also thought hiro looked like jun with the difference hiro being HOT!! XD (i never ever thought jun as hot) oh, and the jaw reminds me of sho too 😀
    @ threeanne: just because you’re a jun maniac doesn’t mean you can say bad things about hiro. tolong jangan seenaknya kalo ngomong..

  46. 47 marra

    I too thought at firts that they looked alike (after seeing hana kimi) but not anymore, and it probably was because of the hair… still i don’t get why some have to angrily choose a side and just trash the other actor, i mean both of them are quite different; while jun is bratty and still rides on his domyoji-vawe (it feels weird seeing him in a serious role like in Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru eventhough his acting is good), hiro is more gentle and mature eventhough he is younger than jun and top of all both of them seem to have a dorky side and that’s what’s important i think.

  47. 48 SuhaCarter

    they look similar but jun is so cute…..
    i wish i knew how to contact him

  48. 49 ingrid

    when i watched the first episode of zettai kareshi i had a thought that hiro was resamble to matsumoto jun, but after i watched the whole episodes i think hiro was more handsome than matsu jun, but his hair look weird for me..
    but matsu jun is uniqe,especially his smirk…
    i think which one is more handsome depend on your taste, so we can’t really compare it because it is subjective (so threeanne, don’t say stuff like that)..but if u compare the acting skill, i prefer matsu jun

  49. 50 korin

    i saw just them this month. or last month maybe…and i really think they’re both good looking.. i fell in love with hiro’s face the moment i saw his pic, and knowing he’s nijonji made my heart beat faster!haha!!!!;) why?-(long story) anywayz, i’m not into cute guys, but now is an exception, and besides, i realized, i just don’t like pretty faces of the guys IN my country.. i can’t explain, it’s just that, pretty boys in the Philippines had different aura..or maybe,i didn’t grew up in japan that’s why i don’t know what they(cute guys) are like back there, i’d probably hate that type too!.. well, ’bout matsujun, his photos in the hyd dvds aren’t so good, but as i watch him, well he’s great! i can see the resemblance, i don’t care who’s cuter, basta, i like them both!!!;) by the way, who put victor basa in this page? u’r filipino? i can’t help but smile ’cause he’s like my type of guy here in phil! jaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 51 korin

    saori!! picture of you’re friend please!!!!;) i love hiro!

  51. 52 korin


  52. 53 V

    lol i love how vicious people
    are about thinking they’re not
    alike. it’s true, their auras are
    different, but in photos, they
    look very similar. their nose,
    their eyes, their mouth. even if
    hiro has a more defined jawline
    and jun is definitely more metro
    (and somewhat more womanly).

  53. 54 Shitonmyface

    I thought Matsujun was good-looking but when I saw his picture he is so ugly! SHIT ON HIS FACE!! HeHe. But Mizushima Hiro is cute because of his hair!

  54. 55 Sue

    This is a Joke right? Hiro is 100% better looking than Jun! Hiro is beautiful and Jun is repulsive

  55. 56 tomo_desu

    Moshi Moshi ^_^

    For Me, Mizushima Hiro & Matsumoto Jun Have Their Own Unique Face & I Love Both Of Them ^_^ Becuz They’re Cute, Sugoi * kakkoi ^_^ Ganbate Ne!!

  56. 57 gennalyn agustin

    …..i love misushima hiro!!!!!!!!

  57. 58 ice angel

    mizushima hiro is so manly and way handsome then matsumoto jun…..though matsumoto is also ok but i love mizushima hiro…..muah muah….

  58. ur so cute

  59. I totally agree with you. Before, I used to get confused with which is which but as I watched more of their shows and movies, I got to know the differences. I prefer MatsuJun more but sometimes I like Hiro too. I guess it really depends on a person’s type. MatsuJun is just more of my type. HAHAHA!


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