Oguri Shun refuses audience with Josei Shuukan


(Japanese online gossip source: Uraurageinou) Uraurageinou reports that Oguri Shun views Josei Shuukan as an enemy and refuses to get interviewed by them.

The trigger was said to be the launch for his recent dorama, Binbou Danshi which aired from January to March. Oguri Shun had said, ” I hate having to move around in a secretive manner.”

Apparently Josei Shuukan took it quite literally and published a feature of him and 40 other people partying at Ginza’s 8th district. Upon hearing this, Oguri Shun said, “I hate tabloids too!”

Uraurageinou then noted that actually Josei Seven had published photos of Oguri Shun being drunk and falling asleep on the road before, and commented that it’s better if he stops “boycotting” the magazine cos it will only encourage them to report negative news of him. Hmm well. Happy Wednesday!

17 Responses to “Oguri Shun refuses audience with Josei Shuukan”

  1. 1 lisa

    LOL GOTTA LOVE BAD ASS SHUN<3333 i want to see photos of him sleeping on roads/drunk!!!!! lol you know i watched the jounetsu tairiku episode of him i totally LOLLED at the first part where he got out of the car and acted really diva. i found it damn funny.

    oh well <3333333333333 anyway!!!!!!!!

  2. WAD?! acted as a divA?!
    somehow i really don’t like it when my idols act as divas…. although the sad truth is that they probably all are. that makes them no different from those irritating act-seh rugby guys from jc!!! big put-off

  3. 4 blaire

    ” I hate having to move around in a secretive manner.” ~ well, being celeb means everyone’s going to breathe down your neck whether he likes it or not. he got his dream (which could also be a nightmare) along with papparazzis in tow. he just has to learn how to deal with them. he should just leave them alone and go along with his business – if he doesn’t want to give the paps the satisfaction of running negative news about him, then he should just be mindful of his fans (especially kids) who look up to him, or better yet, use his celeb status to promote a good cause or something instead of whining about tabloids!!! booohoo! people would go through lengths to get what he has. he doesn’t realize that he can turn all that into positive things. on the other hand, paps should give him due respect also. instead of running after some boozed up star, why not join in the good cause too? there are other issues that need more coverage.

  4. 5 storkytruck

    i guess what you say is pretty true :> but actually i think shun getting drunk isnt a big deal actually. :/ It makes sense that he gets drunk. Generally I’m fine with celebs antics(if they can be considered that, but I am also biased HO HO HO :>) nah it was more like he was in a really bad mood so after they woke him up from the car he had this whole bad attitude thing like I said, it just seemed funny to me. He’s probably not a morning person? But I can totally understand the way he feels, I literally drag myself up 3 levels everyday. It’s a -0 energy thing!!!!!

    lolol am traumatised by rj ruggers!!!! i still have bad memories from sec 2 hahahha. boys who club drink and womanise LOL

  5. 6 storkytruck

    ah and anyway i have mid years too!!!! they end around the same time as yours i think OH YEAH WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN GOING FOR A DANCE CLASS, WHICH IS A DBSK DANCE CLASS HAHAHAHAHAHA i got lotsa stuff to tell you :D:D:D:D

    and anyway, 53,000 hits!!!!!! \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/

  6. 7 H no Granny

    Japanese people love to drink and tend to get drunk a lot. So what if Oguri Shun falls half dead somewhere? It doesn’t change the fact that he’s a good actor and what he has accomplished so far is no thanks to the tabloids.
    Funny, I never saw Oguri Shun as a role model for kids. He isn’t locked inside the “idol” box, that’s why I like him. He does his own thing but is very professional at the same time…

  7. 8 lisa

    mmm i totally agree. the reason why i started liking shun in the first place is because i thought he was different from the rest of the actors…special!!!!

  8. 9 paulineaus

    Oguri is just the same people as we are! If she likes to drink w/ his friends, why not? or he wanna to take a break with his busy life… we know it is very disappointing seeing a celebrity drunken and sleeping on the road. But if it not true? we throw so many bad comments about oguri shun. what if we are in his own shoes? how do we feel?, what do you think he feels about that many bad coments? Lets just understand everything..He has also his personal Life.. and he is also a human… just my concern and opinion…

  9. 10 Josly

    i totally agree. the reason why i started liking shun in the first place is because i thought he was different from the rest of the actors…

  10. 11 Ikuta & Oguri fan!

    You guys don’t give Oguri Shun such a hard time. I mean if you were him you would probably get annoyed too don’t you think? Having unwanted people following you from place to place. He is still a person just like us. Everyone makes a mistake every once in a while and you can’t say you have NEVER made a mistake before cause that is just a lie.
    For BLAIRE, maybe just try to see it from his point of view. Nobodies perfect. This guy, Oguri Shun, is a great guy. Everyone gets angry from time to time whether they like it or not.
    I’ve just come to give my opinion.
    13 year old girl.

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  1. 1 Oguri Shun: “I hate having to move around in a secretive manner” « my love for them

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