DBSK’s Beautiful You tops Oricon’s Daily Chart on day of release


 (source: Oricon Daily Ranking) Was just surfing around checking out new songs and heyheyhey! Their new single that was released today 23rd April 2008, is top on Oricon, BoA-style. Lee Soo Man is really the man, man. MV below ^_^

7 Responses to “DBSK’s Beautiful You tops Oricon’s Daily Chart on day of release”

  1. 1 storkytruck


    whats the difference, does it mean it reached the same placing as purple line, or was that a different oricon chart?

    but anyway, i was surfing my comm just now and i saw that as well. :>


  2. 2 Jen

    Congrats to Tohoshinki!! Their popularity is definitely rising in Japan. Let’s hope this single stay on top for a while instead of quickly dropping like all of their prior releases. I bought their T album a while back~ was really worth it, especially the 2 DVDs the came along with it. Highly recommend this album.

    But it’s kind of funny that Ryu Shiwon is 3rd. I thought the Hallyu wave has already died out. Or is it still going? But it’s a bit sad that even he beats w-inds and WAT. I really like these 2 groups but they need better marketing!!

  3. 3 Ria

    I was really happy when I saw this in the Oricon site! Just like how I predicted 😀
    Now I’m gonna look out for this week’s Music Station, I hope this shows in the single ranking; KAT-TUN will be guests for the next two weeks! They will see DBSK on monitor. Domoto Koichi will too maybe with KAT-TUN on the 25th.

  4. 4 Liz

    36,990 for first day sales!! WHOAAA that’s pretty damn good. =)

  5. 5 fatfish

    is purple line the theme song for the NEL?
    just kidding, couldnt resist
    i like rising sun though so i’ll give this a listen

  6. T_T T_T
    HAHAHAHAHAHA actually i ahven’t checked out the lyrics for purple line all i know is the line –” I want to touch myself” HAHAHA which Lisa was very vehement that “it doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means”

    but oh well after exams ill prob go check it out HAHAHA

  7. 7 lisa

    actually i didnt really like this song much….AT FIRST!!! but it grows on you hehehehehhe you must watch it live, i think they do it very well live. <3333333

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