Matsumoto Hitoshi seen with pretty girl


(Japanese online gossip source: Agazou) Think this was published in Friday, either a VERY long time ago or just recently, but definitely in the past. Anyway please click on the photo for a bigger version, I can’t really tell if it’s him or not myself HAHA but whatever.

If you don’t know who Matsumoto Hitoshi is, he’s one half of the popular duo, Downtown, who host the japanese variety show Hey!Hey!Hey! ^_^. He was rumoured to have dated Speed’s hiro, and as a result of this photo the gossip blogs are wondering if it means that they’ve broken up. (but technically, they weren’t even sure if they were together right? haha my my how taboids contrive to up revenues)

Anybody who knows more about Matsumoto Hitoshi please feel free to comment, haha though i watch hey!x3 i don’t really know anything about his personal life! love his face though, see-only-want-to-laugh-already kind. haha ^_^



5 Responses to “Matsumoto Hitoshi seen with pretty girl”

  1. 1 niza

    he’s so funny! you should watch gaki no tsukai- do not laugh in high school!
    love the whole gang. but.. that’s all i know about him. 😀

  2. 2 lisa

    hahahaha i remember seeing alot of him since you know, after you came to my house then i went gackt-crazy, and he appeared on alot of programs with gackt so i recognise him. my most fond memory is of….gackt. when he was playing billiards with him on a program then he was trying to pocket the 8 ball and screamed F*CK and a mixture of kussou or wtv so it sounded like fackso and everyone was lol in the comment box.

  3. niza: haha will check tt out thanks! ^_^

    lisa: more like, gackt always appears on HIS/THEIR(Downtown’s) show!! i don’t know why he’s ALWAYS on it but yah i watched that episode too!!! hahahaha . gackt also sits at the back of domoto kyoudai sometimes.. like the one with vivian hsu. and katori shingo i THINK. (the big man who dresses up as a woman…i THINK it’s him)

  4. 4 tati

    i have a big crush on matsumoto. ^_^ i love funny guys..though most of them lives the playboy lifestyle..

  5. 5 Lisa L

    it says welcome back but have I ever been here before.
    I love matsumoto!

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