Kiriyama Akito’s Graduation photo



(Japanese online blog source: Choko44) If you don’t know who he is, he’s one of those new guys in Gokusen 3. And he and I share one quality…..

That is, we look DAMN DIFFERENT in photos! Sometimes I look nicer, sometimes not so nice, AKA, I’m not photogenic lah! haha. But I don’t think he’s very cute. Not very eyecandy-ish. But maybe he’s just the sort that’s nicer to see in action. I really don’t dig the fringe thingey in the photo on the left though. It reminds me of somebody… but can’t remember who. hence had to transform this meant-to-be Doppelganger post into a generic post about something rather inconsequential (except to fans of Akito) O_O

9 Responses to “Kiriyama Akito’s Graduation photo”

  1. 1 zinaa

    i know he looks like whoo….

    in the pix in the right he looks like Cha Tae Hyun from S.korea.. he also an actoer
    i like him alot…

  2. noooo!! I’m sorry but i think Cha Tae Hyun is WAYYY cuter!!! hahahahah but i can sorta see the sLIGHT resemblance in the photo on the right… but his eyes look cross-eyed here! o_O

  3. 3 Hannah

    I’ve been watching him in Gokusen 3, and I think he’s soo cute! 😀 Maybe it’s just me having (very) strange taste, but I do think he’s nice looking, lol. Those photos don’t do him justice, though I still love the graduation photo. Thanks for posting it! :DD

  4. 4 Kristie

    I don’t know about the others, but I think Akito~kun’s really cuute!!!
    For reals, I’ve instantly fell in love with him with just one look in Gokusen 3.
    Some of my friends said that I’m sick….I don’t get it.
    But I really don’t care. I don’t care if my interest is different than others…I just love him!!! Thank you for the pictures!! (-(エ)-) (-(エ)-)

  5. cute! suki sa shinu hodo~!! 😉

  6. 6 roxel

    i love him but hes to far from me..haha i like him very much than my crazy over him

  7. 7 RACHEL


  8. 8 nANAx

    ..hE’s s0o0o cUte aNd ‘h0t’ on tv…

    …im hiS avid fAn..

    ..h0pe hE has m0re pr0jEct..


  9. 9 kiana

    he is very cute and handsome. People have got to get there eyes checked

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