Oguri Shun’s “Jounetsu Tairiku” DVD edition goes on sale 25th July 2008


(Japanese online news source: Sanspo/ English online news source: Tokyograph)

Synthesis of two sites! Got the photo from Sanspo (does Shun actually smoke?! or is he acting?) and the text below is from Tokyograph (which is actually translated from the Sanspo one, i just noticed!)

Actor Shun Oguri is releasing his first “personal” DVD this year through Geneon Entertainment. Labeled “Jounetsu Tairiku x Oguri Shun,” it will be the first time that TBS’s documentary program “Jounetsu Tairiku” is released on DVD.

The television show takes an in-depth look at the lives of celebrities by following them for many days. Oguri’s 200-day documentary was featured on November 11 and 18 of last year, which was the first time that two episodes were spent on one person.

Oguri’s DVD will contain a re-edited version of the documentary, along with unaired footage. The limited premium edition will also have a bonus disc with an approximately half-hour interview. The DVD goes on sale July 25.

More information on Jounetsu Tairiku from this blog.
“Jounetsu Tairiku‘s the name! Now, I never did this before–reviewing a TV programme–but this absolutely deserves a spot! I watched two episodes of this programme featuring both young actors–Yamashita Tomohisa and Oguri Shun whose both were in the middle of complex schedule of doing everything! Not like a puffed-up variety show, It tried to be faithful to documentary core of filming. Everything is done plain and honest–for one who did this for a living in the last three years of her life, trust me, I know–while at the same time managed to reveal the truth behind the blinding flash of entertainer’s life. Love and reminiscing! True, I havent had the chance to watch other episodes–GIVE ME A COPY OF NINO’S PLEASE, L–and there’s not so many episodes around… even Ms. Savvy gave up on that, but I managed to took a glimpse on their back episode list, and it was beautiful. Not only they featured public figures–such as politicians, athletes, scholars, writers–they also did one with housewifes and small-time businesswoman. The format is actually 200 days with a certain individual, in which they would just follow said individual, and doing verite of their life. Such a wide range of topic choice, and I bet, judging from the two episodes, they stick to certain style and exploit it to the bone. Bravo! I would love to have the chance to get a glimpse of other episodes, even out of three sentences, I could only understand 2 words. “
(There’s a Nino episode! omg! am i slow or am i slow)

8 Responses to “Oguri Shun’s “Jounetsu Tairiku” DVD edition goes on sale 25th July 2008”

  1. 1 MagiNcia

    I’d like to see it too =3
    And yeah, Shun does smoke… unfortunately >_<

  2. 2 H no Granny

    Yes, there’s a Nino episode and it’s a real eye-opener…
    I was actually afraid Oguri Shun might die while watching JT. His schedule is INSANE!!!
    He’s extremely popular, isn’t he? Hope he gets enough rest though.

  3. 3 lisa

    shun smokes. i think part of the reason why i am so ok with smoking now is because all the celebs i like smoke. jaejoong smokes as well. mmm well

    where can i watch the series!?!?!? i would really like to see the other episodes as well. :>:>:> pi pi pi . sounds really interesting.

  4. 4 Jen

    You can find some of the Jounetsu Tairiku episodes on Veoh.com and crunchyroll.com. I haven’t watch Shun’s episode yet, but Nino’s episode was really good. He’s very candid and very down to earth~ love that about him. But Boa’s episode made me cry every single time I watch it and I’ve seen it a few times already. You guys should definitely check out Boa’s if you haven’t already.

  5. 5 lisa

    wow….ok thanks so much!!! :> will be off to watch soon…..

  6. 6 blaire

    er… wake up call! smoking celebs (esp. those you like) don’t necessarily tell you that it’s actually OKAY to smoke. they say imitation is the best form of flattery, but in this case – smoking just because your fave celeb smokes – it’s just plain stupid. ho well. shortening your life together with your idol. that’s a true die-hard fan. lol.

  7. 7 lisa

    mmm if what youre referring to about the smoking thing is what i said, then you got me wrong. i said i’m okay with smoking, not that i want to smoke or that i smoke because my favourite celebs smoke, or anything to that extent. i merely said that i’m fine with it, meaning that i’m not adamantly against it. its relevant because in the place where i live(together with this blog’s author) we are taught from young that smoking is absolutely bad and wrong, and will kill you. yes, i am aware of that too. just to clarify. ^^

  8. 8 Alex

    pffff…. I can smoke with my idol, yay!!! xD Maybe Im weird or stupid… but its only my bussiness. Same Shun’s. I can’t wait for DVD!!! ^__^

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