Hat-trick of CM releases featuring: Nagasawa Masami, Tamaki Hiroshi and Otsuka Ai


1. Nagasawa Masami for Calpis

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Nagasawa Masami plays a kindergarten teacher who brings a group of kids to visit the Calpis Factory, where she tries to explain how nutritious the drink is. She also hugs the kids and Gan-Bai-s (to say cheers!) with them as they down the drink.

She said, “When you’re with these energetic kids you can’t help feeling happy!”

By the way is it just me or does Nagasawa Masami have a very Matsushima Nanako-feeling? Haha, PLUS, she’s my age but frankly was quite shocked when I discovered that, she seemed older to me. But oh well. The future Mrs. Ninomiya =(. Haha

This CM will be released on 20th April 2008.

2. Tamaki Hiroshi for NEC’s Lui

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Tamaki Hiroshi is fronting the NEC home server/ Client Solution “Lui” PC CM, which will be released on 26th April 2008. If you want to know more about the gadget, try Akihabara news (not sure how good the news is, but thought the name was cute 🙂 ). It’s supposed to allow you to access all the data stored in the homeserver from the small and light “Lui” PC and facilitate an ‘active lifestyle’.

Tamaki Hiroshi also revealed that he likes taking photos alot, blahblahbalh, and other PR stuff like that. He said “I like to take photos of the sky and scenery; recently I have fallen in love with the sky.”

Then reporters asked about him and Shimatani Hitomi. Tamaki Hiroshi replied, “We haven’t been dating.” Reporters asked, ” Broken up?” He replied, smiling, ” No, nothing.” 

3. Otsuka Ai for Pond’s Pore White

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo)  The CM will be released tomorrow, 16th April 2008, and the song used in it [ONE X Time] (by Otsuka Ai herself) will be released 5th May 2008. When asked for the secret of good skin, Ai replied, ” Don’t get too depressed because of stress. Also, I am happiest and most relaxed when I play with my rabbit at home (which I figure, is an anti-stress remedy for her).”


6 Responses to “Hat-trick of CM releases featuring: Nagasawa Masami, Tamaki Hiroshi and Otsuka Ai”

  1. 1 H no Granny

    Typical Tamaki… Drops a juicy comment then completely clams up!

    “The future Mrs. Ninomiya”
    Drats, not Suzuki Anne??? Why? I don’t hate her, but I never really liked her…

  2. they’ve been going out for TWOOOO years!!!!!!! =( =( =( fell in lvoe on the set of Yasashii jikan apparently. =( … haha i don’t hate her either.. i think she’s the very sweet type and that she fits nino quite well actually. =(. but i can’t love her wholeheartedly hahahaah. and yah suzuki anne fits nino… but ONLY in Stand UP!!!!! hahahhaha

  3. 3 lisa

    whaaaaat nino was/is dating someone for two years?!?!?! how did everyone respond to that? :/

    i luvvvvvv chiaki sempaiiiiiii

  4. 4 duldicine

    Are they still going out? I thought they broke up? Isin’t dating prohibited for Ninomiya? Or has Kitagawa gone soft?

  5. they BROKE UP?!?!? i’ve never read news of them breaking up only of them togetherr…. maybe kitagawa thinks that nino has “earned” this girlfriend after his hollywood break. HAHA. but if you think about it these guys have to be ALLOWED to get MARRIED someday. Like maybe Kimura Takuya knew that Kitagawa wouldn’t allow, so he got Shizuka Kudo banged up so that it would be an even greater scandal if he DIDN’t marry her. hahaha.

    and also he let that nagase guy go out with ayumi hamasaki whattt…

  1. 1 Tamaki Hiroshi and Shimatani Hitomi break up for real? « My First Gossip Blog

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