Gackt’s dog debuts as an anime-character equipped with a blog


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi and English online news source: Tokyograph) The dog( which looks like a snow fox) is called Eneru – in Katakana – and Ener, by Tokyograph, and is supposed to mean Energy because Gackt wants it to give energy to everybody!

The Eneru/Ener project is themed, “Love our Planet” and its virtual alter-ego will be used at Eco Gallery, an event held at Hokkaido which is linked to the 34th G8 summit, held in Toyako, Hokkaid from 7th to 9th July.

It will also have a picture book (i guess that means manga?) debut but no details have been released. Its official website is here though.

Gackt also said, “The answer to changing the future lies in our hands. There are lots of thinks that we can do. To make our Earth beautiful once again, I hope to make my beloved dog Eneru the first step of this message, and push/give this tiny life towards this cause.” (I confess, some imagination went into this translation, but rest assured that the general gist of his message is there. Haha)

2 hour break in between two one-hour tutorials, how’s everyone doing? Still hoping for somebody to enlighten people like jen and i about the logic of Johnny Kitagawa’s photo-withhold-photo-release system. Ha ha. ^_^


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