Johnny Kitagawa wants to make Nakayama Yuuma the next big thing


( Japanese online gossip source: Uraurageinou) It kinda sucks that he’s born in 1994, cos this jus rubs it into my ageing face that youth is power and mine is slowly ebbing away.

In any case, Nakayama Yuuma is from Johnny’s Kansai division, part of a group called Hey!Say!7 west and currently the main actor of NHK drama “Battery”, which has something to do with baseball and very young people born in 1990s. -.- . After the drama ends (so far only 2 episodes have been screened; it started screening on 3rd April 2008) Nakayama Yuuma is rumoured to have movie and CM projects coming up too; at least that’s what’s going around in the Geinou circles.

Kanjani8’s Yokoyama Yuu (26) has also fuelled + boosted the veracity of these rumours by making these comments on a variety show: “Now, the scariest guy is this one. (Nakayama Yuuma) He is the one that Johnny-san is pushing forth.”

 Some people have even gone as far as to say that they see him going on the same trajectory as Hideaki Takizawa has. Thus is the power of Nakayama Yuu, whose name by the way literally means (Good Horse. Yuuma).

I don’t think he’s as cute as Takky though — and where IS he now? okay doing some butai acting as a girl. ok i didn’t do an entry on that i think but I’d read it on Sanspo. So sad though he had such a pretty face.

 Also, if Johnny Kitagawa really wants to push this talent he should start by disseminating photos of the guy. I couldn’t find ANY on google,, OR baidu! So these two photos you have are from Wikipedia. And believe it or not EVEN the NHK website for the dorama “Battery” DOES NOT have his face! Check it out here. Why draw a cartoon there if he’s your main character? His Kanji name is 中山優馬 by the way just in case you can’t locate WHICH cartoon figure he is.

*update, 130408 9.29PM: Thanks to duldicine who helped explain the cartoon-stand-in for Nakayama Yuuma (which was prob common knowledge to more experienced Geinou-kai-watchers :p )

The reason why he’s not on the NHK website is because he is in Johnny’s Entertainment, and Mr. Kitagawa has a monopoly on EVERYTHING that has to do with his boys. Therefore NHK would be sued if they showed a picture of Nakayama Yuuma without JE’s permission.
It’s the same thing if you look at Hana Yori Dango’s official website, MatsuJun isin’t there either, just a cartoon image.

I do have another question though – is there then a hierarchy of johnny’s idols like, the top rate ones get cartoon stand-ins (Nakayama Yuuma in Battery), people like Ikuta Toma get water-colour representations (Hachimitsu to Clover), people like Nishikido Ryo get their faces taken but only half of it (Last Friends) — though his face does not appear in the r/ship chart thingthing. Any information will be kindly appreciated!! ^_^


27 Responses to “Johnny Kitagawa wants to make Nakayama Yuuma the next big thing”

  1. 1 duldicine

    The reason why he’s not on the NHK website is because he is in Johnny’s Entertainment, and Mr. Kitagawa has a monopoly on EVERYTHING that has to do with his boys. Therefore NHK would be sued if they showed a picture of Nakayama Yuuma without JE’s permission.
    It’s the same thing if you look at Hana Yori Dango’s official website, MatsuJun isin’t there either, just a cartoon image.

  2. But then how come Ikuta Toma’s photo was on the Hachimitsu to Clover website?? But maybe he’s a special case or something? Anw thanks for pointing that out though it DOES sound like something Johnny-san would do O_O

  3. 3 MagiNcia

    Actually Toma isn’t really on Hachi’s website, just a watercolor-like picture. If you look closelly you’ll see he’s diferent from the rest of the cast. The same happens with Uchi’s picture in isshun no kaze ni nare and probably with more johnnies.

  4. Haha okay point taken! Will edit my entry now!

  5. oh yes and if you two know about how the system works please do comment again! Cos i just remembered that Ryo’s face (does look a little bit watercoloury but then again can’t tell) appeared for last friends! O_O haha interrressting

  6. 6 MaRGa

    Pues yo creo que como la gente se entere de que les quieren meter a ese chico por los ojos no les va a gustar. Los ídolos más famosos deben serlo porque les gusten a la gente! No porque al Kitagawa se le meta en la cabeza.
    Lo de las fotos ya lo había leido. Muy fuerte. The amazing power of Johnny Kitagawa.

    Un beso!
    P.D. superoldgranny, te mandé un mail a la cuenta de gmail que tienes en el “about”. Chequéalo please! 😛 🙂

  7. 7 lisa

    omgggg no way hes ugly!!!! i dont like him!!! AND HES FREAKIN YOUNGER THAN ME?!?!??!but im biased i only like the johnny boys who are older <3333333333 but seriously, I DISLIKE HIM :< :< :< poor little boy has lost his youth, only 14……

  8. 8 jen

    I’ve been wondering about Johnny’s monopoly and not allowing the television companies to post up pictures of the JE’s boys too. Heck, even on the Oricon website, there are never pictures of the JE’s boys album covers even though they always ranked at the top.

    But it’s kind of inconsistent because on the Yamada Taro Monogatari’s website, they post up real pictures of Nino and Sho on the cast page, even though the front page has a drawing/animated picture of those two.

    Can somone explain the inconsitency? And I don’t even get why JE won’t let pictures of the boys be posted online. How does that hurt them? If anything, pictures will help prommote the drama because it’s a visual appeal right? Just don’t get it.

    On a side note, have anyone notice that a lot of JE’s boys videos have been deleted from youtube recently? JE has been really aggressive with those videos removal.

  9. 9 Fairne

    When I first noticed about this Johnnys “no photos allowed”, I thought it was a bit creepy or rather stupid… How could a dorama or a movie be promoted without all the characters?
    It seems also useless because due to this and others “don’t” like for YouTube’s videos, it’s difficult to know and start loving JE boys..
    I first saw no signs of Kamenashi and Yamapi (replaced by drawn pigs)in Nobuta Wo Produce posters and understood later that it was the same for every dorama..just because Kitagawa has the monopoly of the boys..
    but in Yamada Taro Monogatari’s posters I saw Ninomiya and Sakurai, even if in drawn pictures and also in Kamenashi’s last dorama…
    Maybe because in those JE boys were the only main they draw all the audience’s attention.

  10. 10 sakura

    but in sho’s movie honey and clover in the official site is Cartoon pic…In my boss my hero even JE boys took role characters (Tomoya,Yuya,Koki) They still appear in Cartoon shot in the relationship chart.I don’t really understand why

  11. 11 MagiNcia

    I may be wrong, but what I came to think after seeing a lot of dramas with JE boys (it’s really hard to see a drama with a good/decent story that hasn’t at least a JE boy in it ^^) it’s because some get cartoons, other watercolor pictures and others with some kind of photoshop picture due to the feel (?) of the drama. Hana Yori Dango is a really popular manga, so in the drama’s relationship diagram, MatsuJun has the picture of his manga character; on Kimura Takuya’s two latest dramas, they both were/are human dramas, one about politics and the other economy, so cartoons wouldnt have any sense there: a simple text with Kimu’s name was more apropriate; Proposal Daisakusen with Yamapi was a more light-hearted, sometimes funny drama, with the theme being to get his girl back: cartoons again; and etc etc. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong ^^

  12. 12 Ryan

    I think how they are shown is up to the channel running the drama, like some networks don’t seem to have a problem just photoshopping a picture of the person while other networks show nothing at all of them or a sketch. I don’t think it has anything to do with the status of the idol just of that the network wants to do.

    I don’t know about Yuuma, I’m not overly crazy about him and I really do wonder how hard Johnnys really wants to push him. If he becomes successful though that’ll be nice. Also if you look he has an older sister in Hello!Project I think that’s kind of neat XD

  13. 13 Cec

    Nakayama Yuma is one of my favorite jrs, and he’s slowly becoming my favorite Johnny. I really really really like this kid! And right now he’s one of the loveliest things in my life! I really hope that Johnny will make him succeed. Yuma makes me become a dorky fangirl, and I like it. Yuma, from now on I’ll always support you~~

  14. apparently, the Jimusho has no idea how the Internet works… their policy codes are outdated on how they’ll charge sites for posting their talents’ pics, vids, etc. on the net

    maybe they reached some agreements (additional money or whatever) with the networks that’s why some idol’s pictures’ can appear on some promo materials and some don’t.

  15. 15 Kris

    After reading this blog, I too began to wonder about his Yuuma fellow. After watching Battery, I became a fan, (mind you, I watched battery in 1 day) the next day I went in search for pictures and couldn’t find any. So, I searched Yuuma fans who scanned his pictures 🙂 So if you would like you can also check it.

  16. 16 Stibreutibe

    Hello. It is test.

  17. 17 yuyafan09

    hey, he kinda looks like shida mirai lolz
    … maybe the male version…

    and next big thing as in Yamapi?
    i wonder if he’ll really be that great…

  18. 18 prachi

    nakayama you are just excellent. i love you.
    give your best in your life.

  19. 19 prachi

    this is my first time i am in japan as i have not made freinds yet ,but related to your songs i heard them till now only two times and i can say that your great,excellent,… now iam a great fan of yours i promise you that i will listen your each and every song.

    see you,
    have a good day.


  20. 20 kou

    He’s just lovely I tell you. I can really see him becoming the next big thing. His role in Koishite Akuma pulls him from boyhood to maturity so well. His face and aura is perfection.

  21. 21 Angela

    Honestly, I will not be surprised if Yuma becomes the next big thing in JE
    cuz he’s so talented, he can act, sing, dance and he’s cool and cute:)
    I love his deep voice and big eyes:)
    I think it’s a gem for a boy of his age to be able to do well in all areas, if you’ve seen his dramas his acting shows maturity beyond his age.

    Yuma-kun is gonna be the next BIG thing in JE.

  22. Too shy to say,how much i love you!You are a great bro.Thank for being down to earth from your paradise.

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