Doppelganger: Kimura Kaela and Fantaghiro


It’s not just the hair folks, it’s the spirit, the character, the cool swashbuckling manner!!!! Does anybody KNOW who Fantaghiro is? She’s the princess from The Cave of the Golden Rose series, something I watched when I was very young and fell in love with! I thought it was Czech but it turns out to be Italian (but shot in the parts of the Czech Republic.) Check out its wiki-entry here.

Anyway I’m in a Kimura-Kaela-is-absolutely-the-coolest phase right now and was checking out her blog and saw the latest photo that she uploaded. She could pull off any hairstyle man. And anyway the mushroom locks were so familiar and suddenly it clicked– Alessandra Martines, Italian beauty, actress who plays Fantaghiro. Two of my FAVOURITE heroines! One childhood, one current. *swoons*

4 Responses to “Doppelganger: Kimura Kaela and Fantaghiro”

  1. 1 niza

    i’ve actually watched this before! female empowerment all the way, eh?
    anyway, regarding the lonely people on the previous tag, that was rather ‘lol’ on my part.
    my apologies. haha.

  2. 2 lisa

    HAHAHHAA funny!!!!!! \(^_^)/ omg and i havent been here for so long(a few days) uwahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!(natsukashiiiiiiii)

  3. 3 TheSwedishFan

    Ha, so alike!
    I have to say that you’re doing a great job with this blog, i’m addicted to it by now!

  4. to niza: OMG you’ve WATCHED IT!!!! ^5!! and hahaha don’t need to apologise lah!!! it was lol yes and but nice and warmy lol ^_^

    to lisa: better convince your parents to let you come!!!! haha and yah haven’t been reading your comments in a whillee… don’t neglect sch work!

    to the swedish fan: are you really swedish!? Haha and THANKS for encouragement! I think Sugizo did a recording in Sweden before if I’m not wrong, and he + Luna Sea are supposedly quite famous there. Is it true!?!?!

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