Horikita Maki is the actress that reminds most Japanese women of their first kiss


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi ) WordPress is screwed up. It didn’t save the post I’d already posted! So I have to re-type all this, and to think I thought I’d update this first before my essay! What’s wrong with wordpress?! it used to be so good! Anyway I found a way round the picture-uploading feature which doesn’t require flash upgrading or whatever so if any wordpress user wishes to know how just leave a comment and I’ll expound.

Anyway just to explain the title: Horikita Maki was chosen by most Japanese women in a survey as the actress who reminded them most of themselves at the time when they had their “First Kiss”.

“First Kiss” is also the title and theme of a new compilation album consisting of songs which (as the sentence structure above) remind Japanese women most of their first kisses, collected in a survey. It is the first time Horikita Maki appears on the jacket of a music album, although she has appeared in 4 music videos before. The list of songs is as follows:

1) First Love (Utada Hikaru)

2) Koko De Kisu Shite (Shiina Ringo)

3) Pride (Imai Miki)

4)Time goes by (Every Little Thing)

5) Nante Koi Shitan Daro (Dreams Come True)

6) There will be love there -ai no aru bashou – (the brilliant green)

7) Hello, my friend (Matsutoya Yumi)

8) Yasashii Kimochi (Chara)

9) Can’t Stop Fallin’ in Love (globe)

10)Genun (Onitsuka Chihiro)

11) My Sweet Darlin’ (Yaiko Hitomi)

12) there is… (hitomi)

13) I’m Proud (Kahara Tomomi)

14) Sweet Emotion (Aikawa Nanase)

15) Koi no Uta( GO!GO!7188)

I’ve only heard 1 and 4, probably check out the rest on youtube later! Okay signing off to homework doom.


2 Responses to “Horikita Maki is the actress that reminds most Japanese women of their first kiss”

  1. 1 lisa

    i really like that photo of maki!!!!! shes so pretty <33333333 i feel like buying that album, but it sounds ajummafied.

  2. 2 mike

    yeah she is soooo heaven and hell
    coz she’s hotta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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