YTV’s Narutomo’s street survey – Which celebrities appear to be best-dressed in everyday life?


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) I hope you got the title. Cos I spent an unreasonable amount of time on it — one of those times where I understood exactly WHAT the japanese words are saying, but somehow for the past 10 minutes I struggled to put something so straightforward into english. Think I’m just too tired, especially after that stupidboringxfef3 lecture, which really, could be taught in a much more interesting way.

Best-dressed Male celebrities in Civilian clothes

1. Domoto Tsuyoshi (featured in the photo here. I didn’t know this but apparently he takes great pains to dress, even matching his own work-clothes — guess that puts his stylist out of a job. He does his hair, pays attention to small details and has a very unique dress+fashion sense. Interestingly too, his favourite female star is Kimura Kaela — who is also on the Best dressed female celebrities list below. When he first saw her on other variety shows he reportedly commented that “her face, her fashion sense, her looks are all good. I must invite her on to my show” -talking about Domoto Kyoudai there. Actually when I used to watch those few episodes of Domoto Kyoudai available on youtube I didn’t really nOtice Tsuyoshi’s fabulous dress sense, so to speak. There was once I did wonder how come he was wearing a singlet and looking a bit tired and white and a bit like an oji-san but *shrugs*)

*edit 12:03 am 11th April 2008: BTW, have heard of Tsuyoshi’s new name – 244ENDLI-x (pronounced: Tsu-yon-shi-end-do-ri-ku-su / “yon” with silent “n”. ) Just heard about it on Taiwan’s MTV Japan/Korean music hour. O_O. Anyway he just released a new single under the name , and another album also but the single is not included in the album. Just in case you’re interested. ^_^

2. Kimura Takuya (even before you read this you know he HAS to be somewhere on the list)

3. Tamaki Hiroshi (didn’t like or finish nodame cantabile, so no comments)

4. Kamiji Yusuke (didn’t know who he was, but apparently acted in Gokusen and more recently, Binbou Danshi. His blog is also the “most popular” or most frequently visited one, amongst those at ameblo at least. You can look at it here. I find it quite strange though perhaps some of you who know more would be so kind as to leave a comment and enlighten me! ^_^)

5. Joe Odagiri, recently married to Kashii Yuu (who had that whole adulterous scandal going on with Akanishi Jin + Oguri Shun. ALSO, she apparently spent part of her childhood in Singapore! Titbit titbit)

Best-dressed Female celebrities in Civilian clothes

1. Namie Amuro (my heading seems a bit chunky now. but anyway, namie amuro! oh well she probably looks good in anything. ok not anything too radical cos her face is a bit simian but other than that she’s skinny she’s booby what more can you ask for right)

2. Rika (the model? okay didn’t know she was so popular… or well dressed. haha sometimes these surveys end up inevitably like popularity contests right dunno)

3. aiko ( can’t comment much, except that i tried listening to some of her songs before but never really caught on — maybe they were the wrong songs — but since then never really paid attention to news about her :p )

4. you (who’s this? )

5. Kimura Kaela (new respect for her, after seeing these photos below. have heard of her name before but not her songs. that will change soon after dinner tonight. for now, im scooting off to do my essay. cheers!) 

*edit, 10th April 2008, 11.22pm : I think I’m turning into a Kaela-fan!


9 Responses to “YTV’s Narutomo’s street survey – Which celebrities appear to be best-dressed in everyday life?”

  1. 1 niza

    but..domoto tsuyoshi? he looks weird in all those times that i’ve seen him.. oh well.

  2. my sentiments exactly!

  3. 3 rian

    really? you didn’t like nodame cantabile, how come? i was laughing my head off at a lot of parts.

  4. haha i don’t know… i just thought the acting was a bit too contrived esp ueno juri’s!! i hear she’s better in last friends though!

  5. 5 hithere

    i thought domoto tsuyoshi was a stylish dresser >.>
    hes pretty cool though

  6. 6 patricia

    Yay! Namie got best dressed!

  7. 7 pthalocyanine

    haha you just have to accept that nodame is corny and then you can enjoy it. But they do do the crying at the concert thing too much.

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