Belated: Wondergirls’ Yoo Bin at the vote!


(Online Korean news website: Newsen) Wanted to post this yesterday on day of voting itself but couldn’t get round the photo-uploading problem. Then after doing the Roh Moo Hyun post + trouble-shooting decided to do this again, since we’re politically themed tonight. haha ^_^ No other comments on this, except that her make-up looks insufficient in the second photo. Heh


6 Responses to “Belated: Wondergirls’ Yoo Bin at the vote!”

  1. 1 fatfish

    heyhey 投票所 and 记票所. ;D korean really similar to chinese wor

  2. I LUV YOOBIN!!!!!

  3. 3 feijie

    she’s cute heheh

  4. Ja jsem z dalky,až z česke republiky (čr.-prague).Až k mim ušim se donesla yoobin girls,a mužuřict,jsou važně užasni ( I LOVE YOOBIN !!!)Zvu vas do Prague

  5. wondergirls yoobin kiss me.?

  6. 6 estroxforeva

    yoobin nou na nomu yeppeo kkkk

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