Takayuki Yamada gets back together with his ex, who is rumoured to have moved in with him


OMG! Not only did wordpress screw up the photo-uploading function, it completely DELETED MY ENTRY!! Is it just me or is it screwy. ok I’m going to save this periodically now.

(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure)

Yamada Takayuki is rumoured to have made up with his ex-girlfriend!
Did you however know that he has a CHILD?! Well I didn’t, and it feels
really crappy to have to enact my whole astonishment again (I curse you
wordpress) (or maybe I curse you, Fujitsu, which is my stupid laptop)

Anyway please go here for the news on his child, it’s really quite old
but i wasn’t a big fan of his bag then.

in any case, some unnamed source claimed that the girl is about 24 years old
and “not as cute” as some of the Geinou-women that Yamada was romantically linked
with, which includes Ohyama Chiho (who looks like a goddamn okama) and Karina Nose
(who looks a little bit like Namie Amuro gone wrong in the photo I have of her). I
apologise for my blatant bitchiness today I hate my computer/wordpress, and I really
should be editing my essay but nooooo here I am re-doing what I’ve already dONE!

Apparently both parties have introduced each other to their parents and they had
even dropped by Yamada’s mother’s little eatery that she runs. (so cute!) It was also
reported that the girl didn’t seem to be working and was seen walking around in a
bra?? (O_O)

The article ended by noting that Yamada Takayuki was well-known as a player in the
Geinou-circuit but had visibly changed after the (scandalous) news of his kid broke
out. Perhaps if he gets married he will be able to develop more as an actor.

Personally I like the idea of a kid. ^_^ Kawaii


Yamada Takayuki with Karina Nose (okay i take that back about her looking like namie-amuro-ish.. she looks like gackt + namie amuro haha :p )

Yamada Takayuki with Ohyama Chiho… who actually looks a bit/reminds me of Sugizo. O_O

(okay there’s actually another photo.. but wordpress is konking up again. -.-)


15 Responses to “Takayuki Yamada gets back together with his ex, who is rumoured to have moved in with him”

  1. post more stuff about ayumi hamasaki! ha ha
    it’s so strange cus when she speaks normally she has a very (hoarse) but low and sexy voice ha ha. wonder if she’s a smoker… !! lol

  2. 2 OMG

    Upload more photos!!!!!


    I’m sooo curious!!

  3. 3 janzy

    has there been a picture of his “ex-girlfriend” or his son yet? i WANNA SEE. the baby is lucky to inherit genes from his father (who btw is really hawt” but i shouldn’t say yet since idk wat the mommy looks like and the mixture of parents might not always make a beautful piece of artwork…lol

  4. oh my i really fall in love with the actions of this boy he is really a good actor and so cute, lol sekai chishin was awsome and Taiyou no uta too ^^ kind of impossible love, but u dont have more info about the baby cuz i read many times he have a baby but never seen pics ;.; and the baby is the son of the girl in the first pic?

  5. 5 your worst nightmares

    who gives a fuck about ayumi hamasaki?

  6. 6 phat

    in the first picture his gf does look a bit like amuro namie but then in the 2nd picture she doesn’t look anything like namie amuro.

  7. 7 joshuha

    Karina is simply beautiful, she does not look at Namie at all

  8. Hope they live a happy life..
    *_* In YOUR DREAMS!!!

  9. 9 dilys

    You should look through Karina’s modeling pictures, she’s really gorgeous, and i personally don’t think she isn’t “namie amuro gone wrong” nor “gackt + namie amuro”

  10. hanyo ..who is it ??? ..

  11. sorry .. about this .. pisssss .. but u still ceut mah ..

  12. sarangea ..

  13. what?? it’s so jerk.. i hate yamada, cause you playboy..

  14. hei shaha, please don’t make me agry.. lol yamada tu,aku punyew..

  15. 15 puspankar

    Yamada has broken the hearts of many girls.

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