Ayumi Hamasaki (rumoured to have) regained sense of hearing


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame and online news source: Mainichi) Incredible innit? So incredible I began to suspect that something was amiss, because even though these sites reported that she had regained her sense of hearing there were no explicit details!

Mainichi started off by reporting on her concert held on the night of 8th April 2008. During the encore almost 12000 fans sang “Who…” in unison as a surprise for Ayumi Hamasaki. She was very moved and shocked, covering her mouth with her left hand and had tears streaming down all over her face until staff brought her some towels with which she could wipe them.

There is a part of that song which goes:

これからも ずっとこの歌声が あなたに届きます様にと…。

which means roughly “and from now on I’d like to always reach you with my singing”, and is something that Ayu had mentioned even after news of her losing her sense of hearing in one ear. This time round however, it was her fans who wanted to reach out to Ayu with their support through their voices. (so sweeet!! =)

Anyway some authorized source said that he/she did not know the extent to which her ear has recovered, but that it seems like she has regained some of her powers of hearing. Entame noted that there have been doubts raised in the cybersphere (or blogsphere) so I guess we’ll just hang around and wait for more conclusive news!  


4 Responses to “Ayumi Hamasaki (rumoured to have) regained sense of hearing”

  1. 1 H no Granny

    “Anyway some authorized source said that he/she did not know the extent to which her ear has recovered, but that it seems like she has regained some of her powers of hearing.”
    I really hope she fully recovers. Whether people like her or not, she’s already an indelible mark in the JPOP scene. And as an artist, hearing loss is twice tragic…

  2. 2 Lisa

    T_TTTTTTT SO TOUCHING!!!!! OMG I LOVE AYUU <333333 the fans thing is so touching!!!! yay yay go go go go well i really hope she recovers as well!!!!!

    the photo of her looks l;ike she has little boobs…..

  3. that’s what happens when you listen or are exposed to too much loud music! BAD for you! the only person I know who could carry on being a musical genius despite being completely deaf was beethoven. my love!

    anyway I am such a newly converted fan of ayumi hamasaki! well, some songs, I guess. I’m very selective about music outside the classical world, wait, even within it. ha ha

  4. WELL just trivia for you enny Ayumi Hamasaki has the SAME ear-ailment that Beethoven had!!!! how’s that for musical-genius similarities!!! HAHAHA

    I’m not a DEDICATED ayu fan but I do think she’s admirable.. in a way. I mean to even make it this big … plus i heard she writes her own songs so tts great

    to lisa: btw your school ended already huh? OH YAH its alread 4pm. i have been too used to long days.and the photo is from her mirrorcle series, which is at the top of Oricon currently i THINK.

    to H no Granny: i think there’s quite small chance of full recovery leh.. =( but i think it’d be even more incredible if she continues despite her ailment i mean it makes her more heroic! 🙂 haha

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