DBSK arrives earlier in Shanghai with plans to visit Xin Tian Di (New World)


(Chinese online news source: here) All 5 members of DBSK appeared at a short press conference yesterday afternoon in Shanghai during which they expressed confidence at their upcoming performance and their wishes to explore Shanghai’s Xin Tian Di, which translates to ‘New World’. (I’ve never been there but it supposedly preserves alot of the charm of Old China/Shanghai, historically rich and everything. ^_^)

Since their debut on 26th December 2003, DBSK has held only about 10 events in China. At the press conference, members of DBSK introduced themselves in Chinese and even demonstrated their recently-learnt Shanghainese dialect (Shanghai-hua)! Their warm and sincere descriptions about Shanghai also endeared fans and the press to them.

Group leader U Know Yunho also revealed that Kangta had told him about a 340 km magnetic-floating ride – (磁悬浮列车, like two like poles repel each other so i guess they have uber big ones and turn them into little trains – sorry couldn’t find translation haha). JaeJoong also gave an open invitation to the press and fans to bring them around Xin Tian Di, because they were all curious about that famous landmark.

As expected, tonnes of Shanghainese-DBSK fans turned up at the airport to receive their idols. Above is a picture of them waiting outside their hotel. Security was tight but fans still managed to sneak in on the toilet-pretext. Yet even then most were chased out ultimately. Eventually fans obtained some information from the rather acquiescent and cooperative reporters, who relayed titbits about what their idols said, or did, or looked. ^_^ 

*update, 05042008 13:34h: Xin Tian Di is the clubbing district of Shanghai housed in colonial buildings. Will DBSK go clubbing?!?! Don’t think Lee Su Man would relent. Anw thanks to Vivien from HKU who gave the heads up! Heh heh ^_^

11 Responses to “DBSK arrives earlier in Shanghai with plans to visit Xin Tian Di (New World)”

  1. 1 viv

    haha xintiandi is essentially the clubbing district of shanghai which is housed in colonial buildings. its damn funny when you see TOURGROUPS and yellow flags there! lol

    and yay fengyun2! i suddenly wanna watch the first one now! ahha and do you know they show yes prime minister on tudou.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: (:

  2. OMG NO i did NOT!!! hahahaha gonna spam dramas after exams.. this month +first 10 days of MAy is gonna be KILLER for me. Anyway will reply more in yOUR blog.. YAY happy that you FINALLY DEIGNED to comment here HAHAHAHA

  3. 3 lisa

    haha i havent been here in…3 days? BUT ANYWAY, DBSK OMGGGGGGG H8 H8 H8 they will never come to singapore T_T and then now they are going to HOLLYWOOD!!! FREAKING HOLLYWOOD :< :< :< and my friend is going to watch so saddddddddddd

  4. HAHAHA is it because now tt your parents are back yo ucan’t lurk online so much anymore?!?!?! and you should’ve caught them in MALAYSIA!!!! has my sister contacted you btw she asked me for your number and apologised for being dao that day ahaha ^_^ it was totally unintentional, her seeming aloofness

  5. 5 lisa

    yeahaha sadly huh….. lol i was pleasantly surprised when your sister msged me!!! alls good :> I COULDNT GO THEN BECAUSE I WAS IN TAIWAN RMB :<<<<<<< AND THEN LEE JUN KI CAME THE DAY I LEFT 😥

  6. MWAHAHA can’t have everything in the world! Guess what I may be going Osaka with my japanese friend + her husband you met that day at the buffet… and I may go up to Tokyo by myself for two days. Any recommendations on what to do?! I was contemplating staying in the space capsule thingthing but scared tt ill be claustrophobic. DO YOU HAPPEN TO HaVE FRIENDS IN TOKYO HAHAHAHA but actually I just signed up with Couchsurfers so maybe will find a couch to sleep in for 2 nights. TOKYO!!!

  7. 7 lisa

    uwahhhhh so lucky T_T her name is nanako right? omg and on monday i went to cut my hair there were two japanese hairdressers rattling on in japanese it was so cool!!! and i wanted them to cut my hair….but they didnt….:< and i was wondering if maybe one of them is the shunji guy haha but !!!! I WISH I GOT MY HAIR CUT BY THEM :< T_T I UNLUCKYYYY. :< haha but there was this lady cutting hair and she sounded like your friend and i was like omg maybe!! haha but small chance la….

    and nipponnnnnn IF YOU GO YOU MUST BUY ME STUFF K LIKE LOTS LOTS LOTS OF EVERYTHING AND HELLO KITTY ETC hhahahah what is a space capsule/couchsurfer!!!! I WISH I COULD DO THAT TOO!!!!!

  8. KANAKO not NANAKO…hahahahaha
    And YOU WENT TO SHUNJI MATSUO TO CUT YOUR HAIR!?!?!?!? YOU RICH GIRL!!!!! Actually I think I’ll go there as a treat to myself some day…. OOOh some day.

    HelLO KITTY YOUR SHIt I’ll buy you…. YAOI MANGA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Eh recommend me good YAOI manga. hahahaha.

    but you can start keeping a list of things-that-you-can-only-get-in-japan-and-not-anywhere-else … hhaha.

  9. 9 lisa

    ahhahahha whoops my bad :/ EH HOW DID YOU KNOW!!! WAS IT REALLY HER???lol yeah so i cut my hair and it cost me a bomb, like my whole allowance. it was 42 dollars….. but its ok!!!! cos i like my hair now 😀 :D:D:D:D HAHAHAHHA i really like hello kitty ok…but…. I LIKE RIKU RAKU BETTER!!!! and yaoi manga is well…. lol welcomed >:) heehehhehehe

    YAYYYYYYYY i will write you a long long list!!!!!!

  10. if you write me a long list chances are ill ignore it. give me ONE or TWO main things and you’ll prob get them. PLUS you better give me $$$$ beforehand k! mWAHAH.

    and -_- .. you said “SHUNj/i” how can i NOT KNOW shunji matsuo1?!? and NOOO i don’t know if it’s her or not HAHAHAHA crazy girl! i knew it was shunji matsuo from shunji matsuo the store which is famous not from kanako – san!

    EH SO HOW DOES YOUR HAIR LOOK LIKE NOW?@! SHOW ME!! post a photo!!! i wanna see! i wanna get my hair cut there too.

    yaoi manga right.. i talk alot about it but frankly i haven’t read ANY of those before. gotta gimme titles. HAHA

  11. 11 Cat

    Does anyone know what hotel name is pictured above? (Where the fans are waiting outside for them?)

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