2 members of audience hurt by falling board at Kanjani8’s Yokohama concert


kanjani8.jpg(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) At around 6.45pm yesterday, 3rd April 2008, a mother (52 years old) and her daughter (24 years old) suffered light injuries after being hit by a 70 X 100 cm board that fell from the ceiling in the Yokohama arena. Police are investigating the matter.

The board fell 7 metres from the ceiling to the audience stand on the third level. Some other members of the audience reportedly remarked that after the board had fallen, something like a foot or leg could be seen in the hole left in the ceiling. Some speculated that it was the leg of a staff.

The concert started at 6pm and there was an estimated 10,000 -strong turnout.

Rather off tangent, but I can’t imagine myself going to this kinda of concert with my mother! Japanese fan-culture is indeed… or actually. Maybe it’s just us (ie. Singapore). Because I suddenly realised that mothers probably accompany their adult daughters for concerts in the west too, and maybe even in Taiwan/Hong Kong.

Recently Straits Times Life! was blah-ing Maroon 5 for ending their concert here only after 1 hour, but my korean teacher (who attended the concert) noted that Singaporean fans really kinda suck in comparison to the Korean/Japanese counterparts. Moreover, if Maroon 5 had performed in either country before sg (which I think they did) it’d be even more blah to play to such a staid and placid audience. Shall I contemplate an academic pursuit in fan-culture? oooo *snaps out* late for school!     


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