Sawajiri Erika to return to the UK middle of this month?


(Japanese online news source: here) According to, Erika-sama (as they called her, haha!) will return to the UK and/or Europe in the middle of this month. I didn’t see this information at other news sites though. They also said that she was present at the shooting of her CM yesterday and arrived in a very expensive and classy-looking sports car. She did not answer any of the reporters’ questions. Gotta run for lecture now, feel like a frivolous gossip reporter-on-the-go, blogging in the canteen amidst my empty cup of yoghurt, the Economist, a neglected book about Kant etc. ^_^

*update 6.30pm: According to this japanese online gossip site, Sawajiri Erika gave the reason for her imminent return to London as for the “recording of a new single”. The gossip website also cites YTV’s (Yomiuri’s Telecasting Corporation) variety shows Miyane-ya and Narutomo, which have reported that despite the betsu-ni incident Sawajiri Erika continued to receive acting offers for both dorama and film. The surprising thing however, is that the actress herself didn’t seem too keen in committing herself to any of the proposed projects.  


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