Die Neuesten Nachrichten:2nd April 2008


Dear folks, I’m starting a new series of entries under the heading “Die Neuesten Nachrichten” that will have links to japanese/korean/chinese articles that MAY interest you, but are either:

1) not deemed important enough by me to spend 2342342 hours to translate (I expect this number to decrease over time)

2) simply too hard to translate

3) I could translate them, but just that I have schoolwork plus essay deadlines hence no time.

This probably doesn’t make sense since if you could read japanese/korean/chinese why on earth would you come here in the first place?! Well just to substantiate, I’ll just be giving ONE or TWO-line summaries of the article, so we’ll sorta know what’s happening.

Now. Why “Die Neuesten Nachrichten”? There’s a poseur reason for this. It means “latest news” in German, but “latest news” in english doesn’t have the oomph, “latest news” in Japanese (saishin jouhou?) wouldn’t be politically/technically correct since I may include Korean news…etc. What I AM sure of though is that you won’t be getting German entertainment news here HAHA (although I do have some German songs to recommend, but that will be another series later.) Okay cut the crap and here gOes~

1) Arashi will host new variety show, winners get to star with Arashi in a CM – from Sanspo news

– It appears that Arashi will be hosting a show on TBS called “Himitsu no Arashi-chan”, wherein teams are expected to come up with new concepts for CMs and the winning “golden” team will get to shoot a CM with Arashi? Sounds like a reality TV show to me. It will apparently start screening on 10th April 2008; looks interesting.

2) LG apologises to Lee Hyori – newsen


– for what? I think I missed out on some history here, but it appears to be something about the start of a baseball match. Anyway I’m just hanging around till Popseoul! translates it haha ^_^

3) Hirai Ken ‘s new single, which is the theme song for the movie which stars Takenouchi Yutaka (the guy in Rondo and Long Vacation), gets 100,000 downloads before its official release – Mainichi.jp 

– The single is called “Fakin’ Pop”, and the movie is called “Do you remember that sky?”. Think this plus the uber long title gives enough information! Haha!

4) Gokusen 3 official press launch – mainichi.jp

– So is Akanishi Jin’s non-participation confirmed? Well, no mention of him in this article. Nakama Yukie is accompanied by co-stars in this press-conference; new dorama will star Hey!Say!Jump!’s Takaki Yuya, who looks like this:


What’s worrying me is that he’s born in 1990, we’re already moving away from the 80s! Ack! Age age age.

(there’s something wrong with wordpress and I can’t seem to upload photos now. Will do so again later. )


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  1. 1 nenita jamero

    ,,,,hi i miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish in my birt day you came because i am so addicted to you!!!!!!!!!!!!that’s all love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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