The absolutely tiresome and irksome Takeda Tetsuya-Kamenashi affair


After the initial declarationthe consequent apology and retraction, comes a STRANGE follow-up to the whole affair.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve only briefly scanned through that jap article, despite being dead beat plus I’ve had school for the WHOLE day and it’s only about midnight now.. so excuse once again the bad translation. HAHA (it’s so uncool to start out with a disclaimer like that BUT. )

SO. Takeda Tetsuya RETRACTS the contents of the column in which he RETRACTS the contents of the column in which he makes all those REVELATIONS about Kame’s dreams of marriage and being a fashion designer. –>

However, there was not much follow-up to this in the REST of the article so I highly suspect I’ve missed out something here. Anyways.

THEN, Takeda Tetsuya, old silly man that he is, goes on to make some rather nasty comments about Kame. Okay I’m not the sort of hyper+defensive fan who flames anti-Kame entries and threatens trojan viruses or whatever, but like wasn’t Takeda the first to break that TRUST between “teacher” and “student” (since their r/ship was frequently alluded to it) by writing whatever he did, and now, he’s saying that Kame, though popular with girls, is the type-of-guys that ain’t popular amongst guys?

Mmmm. Takeda goes on to explain that there are two types of PRETTY boys, the type that other guys won’t get jealous of, and the type that other guys WILL. So thanks for the analysis, I’m sure 1) all of us sortaaa knew that from school, but even if we didn’t 2) how OLD are you to be playing sourgrapish teenager politics like this man? DEAR ME.

Anyway, obviously Kame , according to Takeda, belongs to the SECONd type of guy. Then he waddles on and says that Kame is known for being very courteous, respecting etiquette, and precisely BECAUSE of his good manners his popularity+reputation increases. Then Takeda adds, spitefully, that if other people do the same (bowing the head, whatever) it doesn’t have the same effect. Others still have the misconception that person X has a bad attitude, despite X having apologised. “Why is it so?” Takeda asks rhetorically. “COS of his PRETTY FACE, da yo neee?” O_O erps. Ditto what I said above, so spiteful + childish.

To prove his point, that everybody is just mesmerized by Kame’s pretty face and thus fail to see his real and wretched character, Takeda tells us another anecdote (I wonder if there’ll be another column in which he retracts everything he says here O_O ). Takeda says that there was a time when random people were alone in the dressing/make-up room or something, and some guy was joking with Kame ” You’re damn kakkoii right?” and added, “So is your nose plastic or what?”

To which Kame replied, ” なら、鼻を触ってみろ!”(nara, hana wo sawattemiro!) Come on, we can all say the romaji together! *imaginary audience chanting* anw: 1) i thought it was a pretty cool retort 2) kinda useful when on holiday in japan. *spotlight on superoldgranny’s cute button nose, as superoldgranny smiles condescendingly at everybody else* It means, “well, try touching my nose then you BAKABAKABAKA!”

Takeda then adds that everybody in the room got very alarmed +tense after he said that, as though banking on the majority’s testimony + credibility to reinforce the reliability of what he said. But guess what ah-pek, youtotallywipedoutyourcredibilityALREADYLAH!

I find this incredibly amusing yet strange, and even granting the possibility that whatever Takeda says about Kame is true. WELL. The Geinou world IS about a CHIO FACE innit?! Like seriously, it’s the onus of the celebrity to LOOK GOOD, it’s the onus of the COMPANY to make sure their bevy of beauties SEEM 1) Morally upright 2) Single 3) Scandal -free (which only brings us back to 1) ). (and well if you don’t have a CHIO FACE, you better have some goddam talent then. )

Whether kame’s personality is angelic or as Takeda says is BESIDES the point. I’m just TERRIBLY irritated by Takeda’s vacillation and primary school mentality here. That and today was a BAD DAY *drowns in soju* yea right like i have any


13 Responses to “The absolutely tiresome and irksome Takeda Tetsuya-Kamenashi affair”

  1. 1 niza

    given that we will NEVER get to know the real kamenashi kazuya / the real person behind that incredibly pretty face, it’s kinda silly for an old man to spout such nonsense, isn’t it?
    it’s like he’s somehow insinuating that kame is a horrible person.
    bah! stupid old man. i bet he’s just trying to garner attention to himself? or he had fought with kame big time after the break-up issue surfaced.
    anyway, i love this gossip blog ! it’s kinda difficult to find a site like this that focuses on asian celebs (esp japanese, since most of us aren’t jap literate) ! so..yay!
    thanks! 🙂

  2. 2 banzai

    lol, he’s probably senile. Or just enjoys this sudden attention he’s getting.

    But this means he’s still claiming Kame wants to get married and open a shop etc, then? 😀

  3. 3 lala

    Your fangirling throughout makes this difficult to read, from a readers standpoint you may want to lay out the “facts” of the article first next time and then give your reaction towards the end, the unnecessary capitalization and overuse of parentheses makes this very convoluted.

  4. thanks to niza, nods to banzai and cheers to lala! will keep your comments in mind! ^_^

  5. 5 lala

    =) I read over my comment and I hope I didn’t come off as a complete bitch lol I hope you continue to work on this blog, it would be nice if this blog could be the go to site for Japanese gossip (much like popseoul! is for Korean gossip) =)

    Whats with all the lurkers though? You’ve got a lot of hits and so little comments =( Hmmm….guess you’ve got to really piss some people off to get popseoul-esque comments lol.

  6. haha actually no, not very bitchy lah! ^_^ im writing for a magazine in school (and my first article was about JPOP + KPOP HAHA) and that’s exactly what my editor said — too many parentheses + too happy + effusive HAHA. so of course i edited it. and I don’t mind having fewer comments it’s easier to reply, but yea I don’t REALLY wanna become a popseoul equivalent cos i post about things from everywhere! china+hk+taiwan+korea also, and they’re more professional i think, plus they’ve got like more people and their news is more up to date.

    ALTHOUGH getting invited to events like popseoul does is definitely appealing, BUT nobody ever comes to singapore anyway so what’s the point man. HAHA ^_^

  7. 7 storkytruck

    lolololol i feel like your mum i’m happy you have so many hits and new commenter T_T_T_T_T cheers!!!! WOOHOOOOo!!!!!!! hahahahaha and as much as i read popseoul nooooooo please dont ever become like that i like them but i think its a bit too nasty. and this caters perfectly to my taste!!!! ^_^ hehehheheh lala-san is kakoiiiiiiiii hahaaaaaaa

  8. 8 storkytruck

    on that note these few days has seen ALOT OF HITS :D:D:D:D::D I LINKED YOU ON MY BLOG YOU MUST INVITE ME TO READ YOUR BLOG

  9. you’re 6 years younger than me so it’s a bit strange to have you mother me but im GLAD that you share the same JOY as I do HAHAHA … anyway there’s smth wrong with wordpress photos don’t load! not only for leah but for lee hyori + takaki yuki also… HAHA. it’s prob had enough of pretty faces

  10. 10 janzy

    that was interesting his accusments of kame make him sound really childish

  11. 11 jin

    such an idiot for for letting it all out now kame will be less lickly to trust anyone else but thats fine i told kame many times never trust anyone and this one came back to bite him

  12. 12 sophiepanda

    haha i love that nose comment that kame made

    i dont really see why anyone cares about this whole deal anyway.. isn’t it kinda personal… (being hypocritical here) people who read these blogs still say they arent stalker fans, but just by reading… isnt that sorta stalking??
    yay creepy stalker fans who dont *GLOMP* the celebs when they see them XD

  13. 13 Kamelover

    Takeda sounds like someone whose lover talks about Kame alot….hence the burning desire to destroy him…o.0
    The guy is a bunch of sour grapes in vinegar =.=….he should mind his own beeswaks!

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