Leslie Cheung’s 5th death anniversary


If mak hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten. *shameful* and i used to be such a BIG LESLIE CHEUNG FAN!!! His name even went on my class t-shirt!!! OH MAN! TIME REALLY DOES MAKE ONE FORGET!


(chinese source: here) anyway there was an open-air memorial service in hong kong for Leslie Cheung where they screened videos of him since he entered a singing competition in 1977. Fans from Beijing, Shanghai also came specially for the memorial service. There were also two charity concerts held on the night of 31st March 2008, and 1st April 2008 (right now!!) in his memory. Stars like Karen Mok, Jackie Cheung, the Grasshoppers and Anita Yuen are involved.

Anita Yuen!! His co-star in He’s a woman, She’s a man. The following youtube clip is from that LOVELY movie, and features mak’s (and my) favourite of his songs — which was written by Dick Lee by the way *singapore pride*.  


From Happy Together, my all-time favourite gay-show, featuring Tony Leung too. What more can one ask for?!?! *sighsss*

And here, a clip from that wonderful show. If you’re interested, the whole thing is up on youtube. =D


5 Responses to “Leslie Cheung’s 5th death anniversary”

  1. i still feel a bit sad sometimes when i hear his songs.

    anyway if i go hk in summer i’ll try to look for happy together- i really want to watch it!

  2. i do too. his rendition of yue liang dai biao wo de xin is still the best, in my opinion. tho my dad would stick with teresa teng.

    help me buy happy together!some idiot borrowed from me and never returned, stupidstupid i curse that person!FIFTY POUNDS! *faints*

  3. 3 Leslie Fan

    he’s darm poorthing n handsome

  4. 4 Jane

    Dear, where are you from? I’m also his fan, but never forget unlike you. 😉
    Take care and have good time.

  5. 5 Gerald Peter Quintans

    A great fan of His. They broke the mold when God created him. I love, love “Happy Together”…it enigmatically captured the soul and tortured artist so uncannily. I want to buy his cd’s but in Honolulu, I cannot find anything.

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