Sawajiri Erika lands at Narita Airport, drops make-up bag and screams, “Oh shit!”


sawajirierikamakeup.jpg(Japanese source: here/ English source: here or here) First read about Sawajiri Erika’s return at but it didn’t have much, then stumbled upon some juice!! (Click on the english source for the whole real deal!!) Anyway, she is back after a three month hiatus, following the public backlash to her “betsu-ni” incident. She will start work on a new CM in early April. Now on to the “Oh shit” incident. HAHA.

(thanks to Chris for FANTASY! The following is an extract.) “Sawajiri came down from a Virgin Atlantic airplane in Narita Airport at about 9:40 a.m. and was in the lobby by a two-shot much similar to the departure of January 4th. The camera coverage shows her walking briskly apart from a weary Takashiro, whom was told “Welcome home!” revealing a state of surprise from him.

But, Sawajiri’s makeup bag suddenly fell out of her hand, and contents were scattered in every direction for an assumed distance of about three meters, leaving her with a stupefied expression for several seconds and then yelled “Oh, shit!” The first words she uttered since her homecoming were such vulgar words. Although she didn’t use much English in public until now, her language ability seems to have improved greatly. It’s rare to say such English in a public place, but her language ability seems to have improved remarkably and seemed to ease foreigners who worry about the amount of English speakers.

Her expression stiffened when reporters helped her gather her makeup together, she gave them all candy afterwards and said “I’m really sorry. Thanks for helping.” while showing a lovely smile.”


This is Sawajiri (21) and her weary 43-year-old boyfriend, media creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi.  


This is him watching her pick up all her scattered make-up thingeys. (Why didn’t he help?!?!)


This is a frontal shot of both of them in pre-betsu-ni days.

sawajiripretty.jpg This is her looking sweet and pretty!!!! (also pre-betsu-ni days)


This is her sulking on the day of the betsu-ni incident. (I kinda like what she was wearing though, heee)

12 Responses to “Sawajiri Erika lands at Narita Airport, drops make-up bag and screams, “Oh shit!””

  1. The tone of the article is very funny. Reminds me of the Economist.

  2. 2 fatfish

    so nice of her! i want candy too

  3. haha it’s a translation.. i can’t wait to learn more jap then read “economist-style” japanese tabloids! frankly though it doesn’t remind me of the economist haha! don’t you think there’s still some awkwardness in the sentences, but it’s funny too compounded with the deadpan-straight-poker-face type humourous reporting

    fatfish– what candy?!?!?!HAHA btw do u rmb mak? mak do u rmb fatfish?

  4. 4 storkytruck

    oh i finally watched the betsu-ni video. i like her. and her attitude man. its like, so asking for a bitch-slap ho ho ho. she was so mean to the host or whoever!!!!!

  5. Haha I think it was the deadpan humour…not so much the healthy dose of British irony the Economist has most of the time. It was very funny though.

    And no I don’t know who fatfish is. Tell me.

  6. 6 fatfish

    tsk tsk u don’t read the article u quote?
    she gave the reporters candy for helping her!
    and im andrew phua plsd2meetu

  7. 7 makthemutant

    I remember you; but I don’t think you remember me.

  8. i think i read it.. but i was rushing!!!! omg these 2 weeks are gonna be crazy pump-out-essays-then-hand-them-in-regardless week!!! =( =( =( =(

    mak stop having a deflated self-esteem! i’ve mentioned you to fatfish before ^_^

  9. 9 ILJ

    Erika Sawajiri would be still such a innocent, quiet and lovely person… If she wouldn’t come to UK! People says that British people are also polite and very gentle, BULL****! At work, yes they may be polite, very polite! But watch your back! In front of You they seems to be very helpful, nice, friendly people! Behind your back ~#!$!$^@%%#&%^ (translate for yourself)! After work, even worse!!! I tell You, I am 100% sure and can tell you all with NO DOUBTS! That if there would be a chance for me to exchange english to japanese! I would exchange immediately! I wish I would be born in Japan! But my God has chosen for me to be born in Europe! And I do appreciate that, no regrets! But still feel like, japanese people are very polite in front of You and behind You! If there is an issue, they keep all the issues for themselves! Not throwing everything on You or behind Your back! If I could have a chat with Erika face to face… I wouldn’t ask her any questions, but would just say! Thank You for Your great acting, and helping me in some way to overcame some life’s issues! She is a great actress, and even if She says something like “Oh, Sh**” Are we different? Aren’t we the same? There is just one thing, one cure, one medicine for everyone to overcame themselves, to live a proper life, to live a life where there is no such thing like lie, anger, sadness, madness, pain etc!… There is a secret which people do not accept! Most of them! almost 3 billions people are living in a world where there is no future, where there is no purpose in life, where the money, sex, and the power are the only things they are living for! Such a shame that those people are rejecting the only cure, universal cure! I was living such a life, till I found the truth, actually the truth found me… I believed, I received, and from now on I live a life where there is a purpose, and the purpose is going to be fulfill soon… I have experienced something, which human being is not able to understand, to follow, to experiencing by itself! This experienced saved my life, it is also for everyone who believes, it is for all the sinners, for me, and for You, for Erika and other people! But there is only one way to live and to enjoy all eternity! Yes though you all may think, I’m going to die sooner or later… But death is only a part of our life, it is not the end, actually it is a beginning of something new! And I wish I could help Erika to choose the way, so that She may know the truth! But it’s up to us, are we going to reject or receive it! It is up to Erika, is she would reject it or receive it! The only way to help her, it is to pray! Do not think there is no way! There is a way! If You just believe!


  10. 10 mr-smiley

    hey ILJ nyc word i pretty appriciate 8…..

  11. 11 fusekaz

    For whatever she’s done, people loathe her in the guts. For sure.

    She has caused trouble and instability to her immediate society, her working environment and management, her colleagues and friends, plus her family. Surprisingly, her misdemeanor was not seriouis enough to infuriate or influence the local yakuza in any way…

    I’d rather see that happen. And with that, her ultimate erasure (via dispatch) from the realm would probably serve much more good to the societies.

  12. I Like Her, Why Those Peoples Hate HEr?!

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