Takeda Tetsuya retracts comments about Kame and Koizumi affair


takeda.jpg(Japanese source: here) I should’ve known! Takeda Tetsuya has admitted that Kame did not say anything about marriage by 30, about the fashion boutique business and all that jazz (which you can read about here). He praises Kame for being a very diligent young man, and apologises for having seemingly misplaced the trust Kame had in his “teacher”. Anyway the reason for the error was because he had asked somebody to stand in and write his column for him (an amanuensis) in the Daily Sports and somewhere between the dictation and the writing there arose some serious misunderstandings. Takeda Tetsuya also blamed the fact that there was not enough time. Like okay, HOW on earth did the meaning get so warped? IT was pretty DETAILED as far as I’m concerned, marriage by 30 and stuffs. Shall not waste any more time on this >=(. 


2 Responses to “Takeda Tetsuya retracts comments about Kame and Koizumi affair”

  1. 1 vicklynne

    yokatta ne…

  1. 1 The absolutely tiresome and irksome Takeda Tetsuya-Kamenashi affair « My First Gossip Blog

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