Han Ji Hye visits mortuary and breaks down in tears


hanjihyeleedonggun.jpg(Korean source: here) Han Ji Hye visited the mortuary (near Ilwon district) where Lee Dong Gun’s brother lay on the night of 28th March 2008, 11.30pm. After exchanging words of comfort with Lee Dong Gun and his family, Han Ji Hye reportedly broke down in tears. According to a source close to the star, Han Ji Hye treated his brother as her own and they shared a close relationship. Hence, the news of his death came as a real shock to her. =( It’s been almost a week but still kinda sad, oh well. =( 

6 Responses to “Han Ji Hye visits mortuary and breaks down in tears”

  1. 1 rting

    duper sad incident. sigh.

  2. 2 Peggy Lee

    Didn’t she hurt him enough? I hope that LDG is over her and can find a matching mate who will be with him and really comfort him in time of need.

  3. 3 DanBaek

    How do you know what really happened between the couple, Peggy Lee. And why must one couple be at fault for the breakup?

  4. 4 Rai

    I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a big collection of Lee Dong Gun pictures and videos. Check it out yourself here http://kpopvideo.com/sarang/stars-Lee_Dong_Gun

  5. 5 kim

    hi . How Are You .I LOVE U

  6. 6 nover

    i really love this couple..
    but, i see that this couple was broke up…
    really… really sad..
    hope they will find a good couple one each other..

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