Mike He is a litterbug!




(Chinese source: here) Okay I only paid attention to this piece of news cos my sister (not the DBSK-fan one, another one) is CRAZY over Mike He Jun Xiang. HAHA. “WELL, he’s a litter-bug!” I told her when I read this news. She replied, “Bad boy whaattt.”

HAHA! Oookay but it’s still kinda uncool. Anyway the reporters were rather unkind to them (Mike He and Lee Wei) They wrote that they were playing basketball and interacting with fans, being very idol-like, but that ONCE they left the court they totally shed their idol-image — Mike He by throwing a cigarette bud out of the window and Lee Wei by vrooming + speeding off out of the compounds. Frankly I don’t think that’s much of an idol-shedding thing to do, speeding seems reasonable when you’re faced with so many reporters, but I ‘m not so sure about the littering (But then again Singaporeans have been “trained” or “ingrained” to have a more critical attitude towards littering so i’m really not sure.)

The article also mentioned that Mike He’s team (which included Lee Wei) won 103-49, with Mike He shooting in quite a few 3-pointers despite his left-ankle being injured. Towards the end Lee Wei noticed the reporters and told him to “watch out, beware of reporters taking photos.”

Despite all this, the guys did what they did. Mike He’s agent couldn’t contact him but said that he didn’t litter normally. He could be fined up to $6000, whilst Lee Wei could be fined up to $1200 for speeding. Lee Wei explained through his agent that he’d received a phone call from home, and that the road seemed “wider” so he stepped on the accelerator.

 Okay actually this is quite a small and boliao incident. HAHA.

24 Responses to “Mike He is a litterbug!”

  1. 1 makthemutant

    That’s hilarious. Btw I feel like going to Israel all of a sudden…

  2. WHY?! Are you becoming RELIgiOUS!??!!? or do you want to go to the gaza strip!? are you going alone….


  3. 3 myloveforyou

    it isn’t true. Mike’s friend has clarified that Mike didn’t drive a car on that day, but the paparazzi saw a white BMW car running on the street and ASSUMED that it was Mike’s (since Mike owns one). As you can see, there is only a picture of a car, and notice the number plate was deliberately made blur…those people just couldn’t find anything worth writing and tried to cook things up …
    sadly friends who play basketball with him said that this news made Mike really upset. Stupid paparazzi,go die humhumhum

  4. 4 Lissy

    so wat if he’s a litterbug… wat’s the big commotion…
    if u like a person… u like him whether he litters, clean or dirty… dont tell me the photographer dun… maybe he litters more. hack care the report mike!

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