The DBSK Credit Card



What will they be on next, stamps? EZ-Link Card? In Japan the EZ-Link equivalent is suika I think.. which also means watermelon. And its mascot is a little penguin. IF I’M NOT WRONG.


Apparently it’s only available in Japan though, and these were pictures from their Yokohama concert. Anyway thanks to the site from where I first learnt about this news and to the fans here from whom I got the second big photo! ^_^


8 Responses to “The DBSK Credit Card”

  1. 1 fatfish

    do they have to stand in the same order for every group phtoto? is it like fengshui?

  2. ahhahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahhaahahah

  3. 3 Lisa

    lol fengshui ok thats the funniest thing i ever heard!!!!! ahhahaa 😀 no its more like just a “thing”, like the colours of the rainbow? lol idk, they just stand in that sequence ever since they debuted :> quite cute right!

  4. HAHAHAHA YES eh fatfish is actually my friend (and faithful blogfan HAHAHA) and fatfish Lisa is actually my friend too (as well as my good friend’s sister and DBSK fan cum blogfan) HAHAHAHAHAHA


    LISA what you said was even FUNNIER HAHAhaahah OMFG WTF COLOURS OF THE RAINbOw?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. 5 Melanie

    Lmao. The order they stand is actually so they can hear each other’s voices when they do acapellas.. I’m pretty sure anyways.
    Man. I so want these credit cards.. sucks for non Japanese residents.. and those who can’t afford it T____T

  6. 6 cascio

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  7. 7 janzy

    hahaha i just noticed that they DO stand in the same order(fatfish)…o well i like hero in the middle…soo hot..i want a dbsk credit card too!!!

  1. 1 Random Question: Why do DBSK always stand in the same order? Feng Shui or Colours of the Rainbow? « My First Gossip Blog

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