Random Question: Why do DBSK always stand in the same order? Feng Shui or Colours of the Rainbow?


This post was inspired by the comments left at The DBSK Credit Card post. Now I know DBSK doesn’t (Should DBSK be singular or plural btw, can’t decide.)  ALWAYS ALWAYS stand in the same order, but for like official things/the most part… HAHA. Shall reproduce the funny comments. 

Fatfish commented : do they have to stand in the same order for every group phtoto? is it like fengshui? (sic)

Lisa commented: lol fengshui ok thats the funniest thing i ever heard!!!!! ahhahaa D no its more like just a “thing”, like the colours of the rainbow? lol idk, they just stand in that sequence ever since they debuted :> quite cute right!

dbskmastercard11.jpg credit card also,


Single promo also,


Awards ceremony also,


Standing also,


Sitting also,


On tour also,


Even when staggered, also


On CD also,


Meeting also,


Except when drinking apparently!!! ^_^ HAHA JaeJoong looks like a nocturnal cat here RAWRR


10 Responses to “Random Question: Why do DBSK always stand in the same order? Feng Shui or Colours of the Rainbow?”

  1. 1 banzai

    They should’ve switched places so that the tallest ones are on the far left and right. Looks odd when they’ve put the tallest ones to one side and the shortest ones, save for JaeJoong, to the other.
    If they had been placed like that it would’ve kind of made sense since it’d look good, but the one they’re using is just odd x’D

  2. 2 wawa

    if i’m not mistaken, they did mention about that ‘official position’ during their debut days.. but i don’t remember much about it. something like perfect for their harmonization when singing or something, as sometimes they would a short acapella in the middle of interview, being requested or just simply to appeal .. and when they were sitting randomly and saw someone coming to interview them, they would go like, “quick, get in position!” and then they would be in that official order.

  3. ^ yep ur right. they stand in the same position for harmonisation
    if you think about it it kinda makes sense
    jae is the lead vocal so hes obviously in the center…then u have the two extremes (highest and bass) on one side and then junsu and yoochun (middle high and low) on the otherside….i so do not know the correct terms but yeah…thats it

    except now that yunho and changmin have grown so much i think yoochun and yunho should swop hahah XD except im used to it i guess 😀 … it just doesnt balance all the time XDDD

    *calls out to fatfish and Lisa* there it’s not fengshui OR rainbow-formation lah HAHHAHAHAHAHA

  5. 5 lisa

    HAHHAHAH ok this is so embarassing T_T T_T_T_T_T_T_T_TTTTTTTT no lah!!!! what i meant is like its a natural thing, like standing in that formation, lol so i didnt know how else to say it so i said colours of the raninbow!!??!?!?!?!? like the line up of the colours naturally comes to you ok wtv bad example hahahahah the people explained it so much better than me omggggggT_T

  6. 6 fatfish

    wow i am in awe… makes perfect sense

  7. yes it does, doesn’t it! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. 8 stalker_queen

    at least JJ is always in the middle

  9. 9 artKILLER

    actually there was an interview to explain why they always stand in the same order 😀

  10. 10 Yunjae rox

    credit card???
    wow i only knew that now XD

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