Koizumi Kyoko to act in short film (and some more gossipnuggets regarding the Kame+Tetsuya affair)


koizumikyoko3.jpgJust a short news-stub-thing from here, Osaka Asahi reported that Koizumi Kyoko will act as a mother in a new short film titled Daikon, to be screened this summer.

I kinda like this photo (left) of her, very cool + artsy. In related news, the Chinese press translated the Takeda Tetsuya news thing 3 hours ago. Click here to read it, if you read Chinese. They’ve included stuff I missed out or misinterpreted. 

1) Apparently they broke up because Kame wanted Kyoko to depend more on him, and to sorta whine/do petty-girl things that young girls do. (I don’t remember seeing/reading this, but ohwell.) 

2) At the end of his column, Takeda Tetsuya writes, ” I heard you (Kame) ‘ve been rather gloomy lately because of the break up. Ganbatte! Teacher (Tetsuya) supports you!” They’d acted together in this dorama before where Kame acted as his student, and they’ve maintained a sort of sensei-student r/ship ever since.

Apparently the online community has been castigating him for being TOO frank and open about their r/ship though…. Hmmm. I’m just rather nyeh nyeh cos I was hoping they hadn’t REALLY broken up… and it was just stupid rumours. =( 



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